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It’s pretty obvious that emoji are taking over the English language. After all, the top word for 2014 wasn’t even a word. It was a heart. An emoji. However, as much as I love to severely overuse the prayer hands emoji, it just isn’t enough. I’m not talking about the 250 new characters we were promised a while ago (still waiting). I’m talking about the hip hop inspired emoji that graphic designer Frank Lepkowski created.

With some of his designs being inspired by the likes of Yeezy, ScHoolboy Q, Tinashe and Rae Sremmurd, Lepkowski explained the process behind the creation of his #RapMoji characters, “I began by blending preexisting Emoji with rap imagery and phrases. By doing so I’ve studied what defines the Emoji visual style and have since started creating original RapMoji that draw purely from rap imagery.”

No longer would I have to explain my behaviour if I had a ‘2 On’ emoji.

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