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Grimes may be ‘co-hosting’ MTV Video Music Awards this year with Rachel Antonoff, but really we know it’s all about Grimes.  Why have two when you really only need one?

It seems an odd combination to choose for MTV’s first VMA red carpet reporting duo but the dynamics should be entertaining nonetheless. MTV Style announced yesterday the two gals will be the red carpet hosts on the big night, August 25, to critique all the glitz, glamour and, no doubt, silent cat fights over fashion glory. As well as interview the talent of course.

Grimes, who is known for her alternative and cyber aesthetics, will be a great contrast to Rachel Antonoff’s style, who frankly, despite being a designer is kind of a plain jane. Antonoff has already commented on what she will wear, saying she is thinking about a “floral maxi skirt and matching bra top.” Really, that’s what your going with? Well don’t blame us when Grimes rocks up and up stages you in some badass ensemble.

I can’t see the two becoming BFFs but maybe Rachel will get a few more Twitter followers thanks to Grimes’ fan base.

Jamie-Maree Shipton