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Weekly updates

In HANDFUL we showcase up-and-coming artists and the tracks that have inspired their own music. In this instalment we check out Flash Forest, aka Sam Maguire -a young producer from the backyards of North Melbourne who has had a long love affair with emotionally connective electronica. Drawing on influences from The Album Leaf to Prefuse 73, his own music is a melodic and wistful take on hip-hop. His Soundcloud is a blooming array of re-mixes and originals and his single Blaze One For The Nation is set to be released on R&S Records’ sister label Apollo later this year. Click through the gallery for the full playlist, and be sure to check out his heartbreaking track One Night and rolling re-work of Oliver Tank’s What Have I Become below

Exile – Love Line
Exile is my favourite Hip Hop producer and this track sums up why. Melodic, harshly chopped samples completing an ever-progressing beat, this album is amazing.

Prefuse 73 – Storm Returns
From my mid-teens I was a sucker for melancholic music, Prefuse 73 introduced me to just how emotive instrumental/electronic music could be.

The Album Leaf – Wet The Day
Jimmy LaValle aka The Album Leaf was always an inspiration with his multi-instrumental ability and use of field recordings. This song was on high rotation through my teenage years and remains spinning.

Muph and Plutonic – Moment of Clarity
Plutonic Lab is a dope producer and Muph is one of my favourite MCs, the story telling style and impact of the beat progression has definitely influenced my music.

Broken Social Scene – Lover’s Spit
Broken Social Scene are incredibly versatile and this definitely influenced the way I thought about the possibilities when writing music. Watching this 8 minute epic piece live with a good friend was definitely what music is about for me, really dig the crude lyrics.