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Weekly updates

With an original twist on hip-hop meeting ’80s electro Jules ‘Inkswel’ has been promoting his own brand of Melbourne funk to a world stage. His latest EP UNTHANK004 is dropping on vinyl via Firecracker Recordings here) and features an incredible array of soulful singers and beat makers including Chico Mann, FunkinEven and Reggie B.

Alongside opening for the likes of Dam Funk and Peanut Butter Wolf and running club nights and Melbourne’s most hidden institution The Croft Institute, Inkswel is a day-job crate digger over at Wax Museum records, so with completely exceeded expectations, he hands us five favourite tracks.

1. 4hero ft. Lady Alma – Hold it down
“4hero changed my perspective of music immensely. Before I got into them I was strictly a hip-hop, beats and funk kid. They really got me open to dancefloor stuff, house music, broken beat, jungle, etc. Alma is one of the most gifted vocalists also, definitive 2000’s underground UK club tune in my opinion!”

2. Jigmastas – Beyond Real
“Spinna is my all time fav hip hop/beats/house producer. I don’t think people understand how amazing he is – absolutely ahead of all other producers from the early 90s until now. Flawless DJ and has the ability to rock original productions of any genre like no other. This Jigmastas record is very slept on, one of my all time classic hip-hop records. Pretty much definitive MPC lessons early on!”

3. Theo Parrish – The Rink
“Theo is Theo, what more can I say. Love him or hate him, amazing DJ and very ground breaking in the studio. This track for me has a soft spot, it definitely bridged the gap between hip-hop based chops and slow house music. This jam is for the b-boys – very timeless flip.”

4. Kleeer – Tonight
“All time classic 80’s boogie jam. Vocoder staple! This one goes out to the homies Benny Badge and dL. These two cats are my crew from day one, we come up from b-boy culture in Adelaide, hip hop back then but we all evolved so much, respecting and loving all types of soulful music now.”

5. Cybotron – Cosmic Cars
“Juan Atkins and Richard Davis. Back in the day techno was an evil word to me that I put in categories with trance and country. Cybotron is responsible for the term, but in my mind this is just hip hop in its early stages but from a different angle. Early ’80s, ahead of its time. Boundless black expression with drum machines and noise makers. This is undeniable the funkiest electronic based tune I can think of, makes me want to dance every time.”

Preview some of Inkswel’s UNTHANK004 here: