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New music from BIA, Siala, Melodownz, Fivio Foreign and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Tasman Keith - Cheque ft. Genesis Owusu

Tasman and Genesis are boastful on the incredibly versatile ‘CHEQUE’. Both artists take the swirling sounds of trap and gospel passages as an opportunity to rap through their successes, listing milestones in an empathic fashion. It’s set to appear on Tasman Keith’s forthcoming album A Colour Undone, out July 8th.

02. MELODOWNZ - Pray For More ft. Lisi, Mikey Dam

New Zealand’s MELODOWNZ is an open-book on his new single ‘Pray For More’, bearing his soul over a somber piano loop and bellowing 808s. Mikey Dam and Lisi take a verse each to do the same, showcasing their struggles from different perspectives. The addition of a choir on the final chorus increases the impact of each artist’s triumph, making this song a well deserved victory lap.

03. Nico Ghost - TOP!!

Nico Ghost treats ‘TOP!!’ as a moment to flex. A synth-based beat with some booming 808s serves as the backdrop to his animated delivery, delivering an energy bound to incite mosh pits. The song’s title makes sense, because this prospect keeps on ascending.

04. Fousheé - Double Standard

Foushee’s soft voice creates a feeling of ecstasy on ‘Double Standard’, as it polymerises into an orchestra of heavenly synth pads. The artist explores the hypocrisy and terribly-aged expectations of gender roles, rebelling against them on her journey of growth. It’s another feather in the cap of Foushee’s captivating discography thus far.

05. Fivio Foreign - Confidence ft. ASAP Rocky

‘Confidence’ is a quick and boastful drill cut from two of NY’s finest. Fivio and Rocky float over the reverberated synths and gliding of the 808s, getting all their flexes off before the duration even hits 2 minutes; a true KO-punch polished with a constant barrage of bars. It appears on Fivio’s new album B.I.B.L.E, which you can steam now.

06. Siala - Bleeding/Focus

Siala’s ‘Bleeding/Focus’ is a euphoric mix of hip-hop, R&B, and Jazz, traversing through eerie passages, into smooth, watery keys, punctuated by bouncy boom-bap drums. Her versatile voice acts as the compass of this journey, as she manipulates it in ways to accentuate the awareness of pain explored in the track’s narrative. It’s slated to appear on her upcoming EP Drowned Surface, dropping April 21st.

07. BOY SODA - Ride

BOY SODA’s ‘RIDE’ is a bubbly pop-trap cut that puts the artist’s passionate vocals at the forefront. He serenades to the tune of sugar-sweet synths and rattling hi-hats, sounding like this love exists in the club (shoutout to Usher). It appears on the artist’s new EP THE DISTANCE BETWEEN THINKING AND FEELING, which is out now.

08. BIA - London ft. J Cole

BIA’s UK-inspired flow on her new track ‘LONDON’, telling confident tales of luxury and riches over a minimalist yet hard-hitting beat. She snaps for over 2 minutes, before J.Cole pops in with a flow that switches seamlessly throughout a dashing display of lyricism. It’s an unexpected collab, that has resulted in an undeniable anthem.

09. Rubi Du - Back Up

Rubi Du’s ‘Back Up’ is a dancehall-infused banger that showcases the New Zealand emcee’s high-octane delivery. She spits with personality and an undeniable swagger, over thumping, percussion-heavy production courtesy of IcyGhosts. It’s a frantic frenzy of fun.

010. Ricky Crisp - Get The Door

Melbourne-based up and comer Ricky Crisp flexes his melodic chops on ‘Get The Door’. His warbling voice sits atop an atmospheric trap beat, giving this track the vibes of a dwindling after-party. It’s engrossing and incredibly catchy.