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Acclaim's favourite new tracks from home and around the world.

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Don’t forget to follow our Spotify playlist too, it’s updated every Friday.

01. Little Simz - Introvert

Little Simz’ ‘Introvert’ is a blockbuster-level single that finds the British emcee at her best, tackling both personal and universal topics of fear, struggles, and more throughout her barrages of bars. Her delivery is backed by walls of orchestral instruments and a simple, but driving drumline that enhances Simz’s messages and allows her room to flex her rap abilities. This track is slated to appear on her new album I Might Be Introvert, which drops September 3rd. 

02. DoloRRes - Heelys

The classic footwear in which this new DoloRRes track is named after perfectly symbolises the vibe of this track, with its moments of smoothness reminiscent of gliding over the pavement, and its grittiness encapsulating the struggle to find balance after hitting a piece of gravel. The song’s edge and euphoria are seamlessly strung together by the Melbourne-based artist’s witty delivery, creating a melting pot of sounds that’ll stand out in any playlist.

03. Cordae - More Life ft. Q-Tip

As anticipation continues to grow for Cordae’s next album, he’s decided to bless us with his new 4 pack JUST UNTIL…. in the meantime, featuring contributions from the likes of Young Thug, Terrace Martin, and Raphael Saadiq. An instant standout from the project is ‘More Life’, which is a testament to the Maryland rapper’s ability to get off these freaking raps. On the track, Cordae goes through his experience with fame, and the everyday happenings of life, told through the devices of witty wordplay, maturing introspection, and an undeniable cadence. The track features a hook from hip-hop legend Q-tip, which serves as a catchy break between Cordae’s wisdom, as well as a, co-sign for Cordae’s inevitable superstardom.

04. ASHWARYA - To The Night ft. Vic Mensa

This new single from the ASHWARYA feels like a large, trudging journey into a fantasy nightlife. Producers Jarrad Rogers and Lucian Blomkamp polymerize heavy 808s, open-world soundscapes, and glitchy switch-ups to create a dystopian backdrop that rivals Cyberpunk 2020, with ASHWARYA bringing it back to reality, exploring the relevant ideas of owning your truth, enhanced by her soaring vocals. It also features a verse from Chicago veteran Vic Mensa, whose food-for-thought lyricism becomes a buffet for revolution over the futuristic landscapes of the beat. 

05. Ryan Fennis x Voidhood - Tapped

This new collaboration from Canberra artists Ryan Fennis and Voidhood encapsulates the feelings of a sewer rave, with its crashing, rapid tempo, and DIY sounds. The song tackles the idea of mediocracy, and how there’s more to people than the face value. They explore this theme through the stern, baritone deliveries that challenge the pulsating low-end bass samples in tone, and eerie synths that sound like a journey into the inner psyche of a human being. This one is a unique experience. 

06. Baby Prince - Over Sex

Baby Prince blends the worlds of trap and R&B in the ear-catching new single. Over smooth keys and a sentimental vibe, the Zimbabwe-born, Brisbane-based rapper/singer uses his passionate melodies to reflect on the shortcomings of a relationship, and how the end can simultaneously be sweet, and sour. It’s a theme we can all relate to thanks to Baby Prince’s open-book songwriting, and a chorus we can all sing along to, thanks to his ear-catching croons. 

07. Tasman Keith x Kwame - One

Two of Australia’s biggest prospects Kwame and Tasman Keith form together like the Men In Black on this new joint, with a ferocious frenzy bound to falter and extraterrestrial force. The production, handled by Kapital J and Kwame himself, is in-your-face with a heavy drum loop, bellowing 808s, and brass too hard to even land in a Lex Luger kit. Over the top, Kwame and Tasman match the energy of the instruments behind them, taking shots at industry players while flexing their well-deserved accomplishments. To put it simply: It’s a motivating, much-needed banger. 

08. Manuxella - Perfect Mistake

Manuxella shines in her debut single ‘Perfect Mistake’, providing another slam dunk for the undeniable all-star team that is 66 Records. Over atmospheric guitars and a euphoric vibe courtesy of Lucas Martin, the Sudanese-Australian songstress takes us through a tale of heartbreak and struggle, before concluding the song with a sense of empowerment, reminding the listeners that they can overcome adversity. This call-to-action is amplified by strong, passionate vocals that signify Manuxella is one to watch in 2021.

09. Nige - The Capital

The Northwest London emcee and Nine8 Collective member pairs his ear-catching delivery with abstract production on this joint. It tells the tale of Nige wandering through the city, visiting pubs, and finding introspection at the bottom of drink glasses. The production is dense and spacious, encapsulating the feeling of being isolated, even in a crowded CBD. It’s an anthem suited for the woozy feeling after a night out, with an accompanying video directed by Lava La Rue.

010. Kerser - Winner

Even after a decade at the forefront of Australia’s rap scene, Kerser is still hungry. The Campbelltown legend takes a well-deserved victory throughout this track, boasting his documented success with a straightforward delivery. Over the hypnotic production from Open Til 8, he also takes the time to explore his demons and struggles over the past few years, crafting a journey through relatable themes, enhanced by the signature transparency Australia has come to love Kerser for.