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New music from 1300, Pania, HP Boyz, Kanada The Loop and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Don’t forget to follow our Spotify playlist too, it’s updated every Friday.

01. 1300 - Smashmouth

Hey now, here’s some rap stars. Korean-Australian rap supergroup 1300 boasts their collaborative power on ‘Smashmouth’, a hip-hop smorgasbord simmering in the fulfilling sounds of sub-bass. Each member trades bars back and forth, switching between English and Korean seamlessly, as the percussion rattles, and the synths skyrocket this one into a realm of euphoria. Keep an eye on these prospects, because the word of mouth is bound to be smashing.

02. Spill tab ft. Tommy Genesis - Indecisive

‘Indecisive’, is decisively hard. LA-based songstress spill tab enlists producer marinelli to craft the standout sonics of this single, pairing vibrant synths with a cathartic release of crashing drums at a rapid pace. Over the top, spill lab rides the waves with her smooth vocals, with each layered melody hanging ten in this club-ready ocean.


04. Selasie - Unnatural

Selasie’s ‘Unnatural’ is a single that pairs the melancholic atmosphere of alternative R&B with the synth flourishes of 80s new wave. The result? A track that feels designed for sold-out stadiums. GXNXVS produced the track, using slow-moving, four-to-the-floor kick drums and a deep bassline as a sound bed for the Western Sydney-raised artist, who delves into the introspection and emotions caused by romantic turmoil. He conquers the beat with passion, as each croon enhances the clarity of the story, and emphasises the reality in his songwriting. 

05. HP Boyz - M1

The southeast Melbourne superstars are back with their new double release AFTERPARTY, and right out the gate, the track ‘M1’ is hitting. Instantly, the unique production from Dopamine stands out, creating an orchestra of synths that sing to the tune of hi-hat patterns and bellowing 808s. Even while diversifying their sound, the boys are poignant and persistent with their bars, delivering wordplay with the same wit and swagger we’ve come to love them for. 

06. Lizzo - Rumours ft. Cardi B

‘Rumors’ is an anthem about owning who you are, positive messaging for which Lizzo and Cardi are known. The track is simultaneously uplifting and funny, as they both cycle through self-deprecation, comedy-rich one-liners, and well-deserved flexes. This happens over a glee-soaked instrumental that peaks with soaring horns, inspiring you to wear your personality on your sleeve, ready to take outside! 


KANADA THE LOOP introduces himself to the music landscape with ‘Zoom In’, a shovel in the form of a single, allowing him to dig out his own terrain in rap’s diverse styles. His uniqueness rings loudly in the quirkiness of the song, which is rich with summer-soaked guitars and bubbly percussion sounds. Vocally, he transitions from mellow raps to sprightly singing on the hook, with each performance beaming with alacrity. Be sure to zoom in on KANADA as he continues to solidify himself throughout 2021. 

08. PANIA ft. Keziah Feterika - ICYY Pt.2

PANIA’s ‘ICYY PT.2’ is a glacier-fresh remix of her original breakout track, adding talented vocalist Keziah Feterika to the mix. Over the watery, reverberated sounds of the instrumental, both singers thrive in their contrasting melodic styles but find common ground in their undeniable soul. It’s as lush as a river stream and as luxurious as the ice around your neck.

09. Creed Tha Kid ft. Mason Dane

Creed Tha Kid keeps his momentum with ‘BLUFFIN’, a quick-fix of melodic trap. Over shimmering keys, rattling hi-hats, and 808 flurries, the Brisbane rapper’s autotuned croons preaches staying true to yourself and lays waste to all lies. Sydney’s Mason Dane is featured on the second verse, sliding into the song’s style with ease. 

010. Masked Wolf - Bop

First, he was navigating the ocean. Then, he was gliding on gravity. Now, he’s simply bopping, with big results. This new single is very much a victory lap for the rapper, as he thrives in his fast-paced, lane-switching flows, over a trap-beat with bass ready to boom in any subwoofer. It’s some blockbuster energy, for your Friday afternoon.