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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Don’t forget to follow our Spotify playlist too, it’s updated every Friday.

01. Rico Nasty - IPHONE

Rico Nasty returns today with news of her forthcoming debut album Nightmare Vacation and a thumping new single called ‘IPHONE’, accompanied by a super futuristic music video produced 100 Gecs’ Dylan Brady. Featuring an uncompromising beat and bratty vocoder vocals, ‘IPHONE’ is that classic Rico Nasty we know and love—deftly walking the line between punk rock, rap and future-pop. Bring on Nightmare Vacation! Cass N.

02. Okenyo - Anthology

Okenyo’s latest release ‘Anthropology’ is a rocking boat purposely untethered from a dock of complicity and political ignorance. It’s a song that holds space for her as a black artist and woman, calling out and pushing against those that take without repercussion or full understanding, ‘Wake up / Take your hands off my biology’ she yells purposefully amidst a bass-heavy backdrop. ‘Anthropology’ sets sail within the current Black Lives Matter movement, taking the respect it deserves through direct lyricism and grungy, atmospheric instrumentation; church bells, electric guitar, air sirens included. — Julie F.

03. Craterface - BIG WHEELIN’

This new cut from Novocastrian duo Craterface creates the same euphoric feeling of driving down an esplanade, bumping some classic southern hip-hop. The loud, crashing drums hit like the revs of a Chevrolet, and the smooth keys feel like the Summer breeze slipping through your open windows. And with fast, triplet flows acting as the engine, ‘Big Wheelin’ hits you with a full-speed frenzy of fire. — Henry O.

04. Kaash Paige - Mrs. Lonely

Texan teen Kaash Paige explores those tiny moments of unknowing within teenagehood on her latest album Teenage Fever, a dialogue on years where experiences are incredibly influential in forming the person you become as an adult, “A stage of bein’ unnatural and not knowin’ what’s goin’ on / That means depression / Relationships, love, hate, drugs /and everything”, she says on the introduction to the closing track, ‘Karma’. No other song epitomises these themes of late teenage blues than ‘Mrs. Lonely’, a pulled-back, drawling, Frank Oceanesque lullaby. A tune to listen to on quiet late nights and early mornings before the sun rises. — Julie F.

05. Burna Boy - Real Life feat. Stormzy

It’s truly painful to be in lockdown when new Burna Boy music drops. The Nigerian superstar just dropped his new album Twice As Tall, which is executive produced by Sean “Diddy” Combs. ‘Real Life’ is a lush standout that creates a serene atmosphere using synths, with a bouncy afrobeat style to bump you out of your seat, and get you ready to two-step. Burna Boy and Stormzy take it in turns on the track, trading melodies, showcasing soul and a sleek vibe. And while COVID continues to keep us confined, Burna Boy provides the sounds to create a club in the living room. — Henry O.

06. Danté Knows - Salt Fish

Danté Knows is a unique young rapper from Brooklyn, New York who is currently based in Sydney and offers an international sensibility to the local scene. On his latest track ‘Salt Fish’, Danté pulls no punches as he launches straight in with a deep and booming vocal tone, reminiscent of Le1f, with dash of fellow baritone Brooklynites Meechy Darko or even the late Pop Smoke. It’s a left-of-centre track dedicated to the Jamaican breakfast staple ackee and saltfish, with visceral production coming from Sydney’s Korky Buchek. We’ll be keeping it locked to Danté Knows for more.  — Cass N.