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New music from Future, Orion Sun, Pania, Huskii and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Huskii - Melted

The vintage, soul-laced boom-bap of Huskii’s ‘Melted’ feels as if it should have some Westside Gunn adlibs. Instead, we have one of Australia’s most unique rappers at his best, reflecting on past adversity that still sits with him today. As the vocal samples and guitar licks of Tasker’s production float in the background, it feels like documentation of Huskii finding beauty even in the abyss of his darkest days. It appears on his new project Antihero, which you can stream now.

02. Chiseko - Care ft. Your Girl Pho

From the moment this new CHISEKO song starts, you know you’re in for a gleeful time. Punchy drums and 90s R&B keys thrive from the get-go, serving as the perfect soundtrack for this Perth artist’s ear-catching raps and soulful singing voice. Guest vocals from Your Girl Pho remain consistent throughout, adding an extra dose of elegance to the alacrity of this sing-along anthem. 

03. Pania - Tiki

Pania propels her star potential with the club-ready cut ‘Tiki’. It’s a spacey R&B track with whirling synths garnished pulsating bass and dance-inciting percussion. The Melbourne singer captures the ecstasy of the production with her confident, passionate warbles, adding a sense of soul to the late-night atmosphere. 

04. Future - Worst Day

‘Worst Day’ is signature Future at his finest. The woozy, autotuned flows tell the story of a toxic Valentine’s Day predicament, as the Atlanta legend simultaneously reflects on his actions, and bombards the beat with flex-heavy bars. Production-wise, as usual, it’s a bop, with melancholic synths, rattling hi-hats, and 808s serving as the backboard for Future’s confessions.

05. Napoleonsix1 - Loaded

The battery is fully charged on Perth artist Napoleonsix1’s ‘Loaded’. The song has eerie synths that appear throughout, making the 808 glides of the drill production feel like it’s in a mafia movie. In typical Napoleon fashion, he snaps over the top, letting off bars in a fast and fiery fashion.

06. Orion Sun - Dirty Dancer

Lush and lo-fi, ‘Dirty Dancer’ is a great example of why you should immerse yourself in the talents of Orion Sun. The Philadelphia-based artist croons about the happenings of romance, over jangling guitars and keyboard flourishes. The result is a track that feels like the conclusion to a sun-soaked Summer of love. 

07. Jazmine Sullivan - Roster

Continuing the contagious confidence of her 2021 AOTY contender Heaux Tales, Jazmine Sullivan dives into a deluxe edition with standout tracks like ‘Roster’. It exposes her softer side, as her personality-rich vocals soar over isolated acoustic guitar strums. It expands on her artistic multiverse, showing a versatile style, with the same swagger.

08. Muka Vhatti - Toxic

Perth’s Muka Vhatti returns with ‘Toxic’, an introspective track that finds him analysing past relationships, and finding reliance in his self-worth. The uplifting theme is supported by a beat rich with glossy synths, rattling hi-hats, and booming 808s; which form like Voltron to create a genre he deems ‘Ocean TTrap’. It makes sense because, with every single, Vhatti solidifies his own wave.

09. Christian Blue - I Dont Want U Hurt

‘I Don’t Want U Hurt’ is a tale of two styles. It starts frantic, as the LA artist lets off ember-filled triplet-flows over the invigorating sounds of trap production, before switching into a mellow portion of LoFi R&B, with a bit-crushed mix that makes it feels as if he’s serenading the tone of a voice machine. Duality is definitely in Christain Blue’s wheelhouse.

010. Phi11a - Life In Reverse

Phi11a starts 2022 with some high-octane energy. You can tell he’s been missing live-show mosh pits, as he lets off shout-sang autotuned melodies over bellowing 808s, imploring that he will never move backward in his constant grind. The rapper’s versatility is on display in the second half, as the beat slows down, and he snaps with a rap barrage.