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New music from Mura Masa, Ms. Thandi, ZPLUTO, Flo Milli and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Denzel Curry - Zatoichi ft. Slowthai

Denzel Curry season continues with ‘Zatoichi’, a track that contrasts smooth synth arrangements and drums that are downright dirty. Zel’s energetic flow spirals throughout the juxtaposition of this jam, before transitioning into a heavy DnB rave moment; emceed by the shouts of Slowthai. It’s clear that Denzel is trying some different stuff leading into his next album, and we’re freaking here for it. 

02. Jean Dawson - PORN ACTING*

Jean Dawson’s ‘Porn Acting’ is bringing those damn power chords! Transitioning from distorted riffs to acoustic strums, setting the tone for his gritty melodies, sung with raw emotion. There’s a care in his tone, as he breaks down the happenings of being unapologetically himself. Whether it’s ‘Porn Acting’ or his next musical flick, you know Jean Dawson is never coming through on Incognito Mode. 

03. Yeloboi Tommy - Heartbreak

Yeloboi Tommy’s ‘Heartbreak’ feels like the analysis of love, amidst the clashing bodies of a mosh pit. The Hong Kong-raised, Sydney-based artist is reflecting on romance and relationships throughout his croons, to the tune of bellowing 808s and the atmospheric trap orchestrated by producer 99hurts. It’s relatable in its themes and ready for a live audience soon. 

04. Mura Masa - bbycakes ft. Pinkpanthress, Lil Uzi Vert, Shygirl

Bright and bubbly perfectly describes this new Mura Masa track. He weaves the sounds of garage, hyperpop, and trap into a vial of catchy alchemy, combining the sincere yet somewhat cheeky stylings of Lil Uzi Vert, Shygirl, and PinkPantheress. It’s dance floor ready, with a giant sing-along chorus. 

05. Ms. Thandi - You Could Be

‘You Could Be’ is a soft serenade of luscious R&B. Retro-like synths spiral in the background with a funk-infused bassline, and rattling hi-hats setting a bop-inciting tempo. Thandi is soaring as she sings about her love interest, with every soulful passage culminating in the epic falsetto of the chorus. It’s rich with feelings of love and ready to occupy your playlist. 


BOY SODA’s ‘Big’ finds the Sydney artist looking at his life from an outside perspective, analysing the purpose of every action he makes. The theme results in a vibrant pop and R&B fusion, as he gleefully weaves the Summer-feel of this soulful track into a reminder that we’re all important. 

07. ZPLUTO - Bonnie & Clyde

ZPLUTO is singing his heart out on this one. Over the drill drum patterns and grandeur-rich synths of Kenzi’s production, the artist professes his love and fights for that feeling throughout the swash-buckling stabs of outside adversity. It’s a catchy tune and a soundtrack for unabashed romance. 

08. Lil Durk - AHHH HA

Durk is in demon mode for this new single. He’s flexing, sending shots, and seamlessly letting off barrages that are fiery enough to heat up a Chicago Winter. Southside handles the production here, equipping Durk’s performance with eerie choir samples, and the in-your-face drum patterns he helped pioneer. 

09. Flo Milli - PBC

Flo Milli’s ‘PBC’ (Pretty Black Cute) is simply the Alabama rapper having a fun time. She’s braggadocious to the max, using her rapid flows to tackle dance-infused production from Young Fyre that’s giving UK Garage hype. There’s not much left to say, other than this is a good way to finalise your Friday. 

010. Taebz - Shadows

New Zealand’s Tabez’s ‘Shadows’ shines bright with an atmosphere reminiscent of a Winter beach breeze. Lush keys pulsate over the top of a four-to-the-floor kick pattern, garnished with fluttering guitars in the background. Vocally, the melodies float in a boat of reverb, further enhancing the mood. It’s a sound that’s worth swimming in.