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New music from Sheff G, Rico Nasty, Shygirl, Brent Faiyaz and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Don’t forget to follow our Spotify playlist too, it’s updated every Friday.

01. Brent Faiyaz - Wasting Time ft. Drake

There’s no time wasted here; this is a goddamn dream collab. Future R&B GOAT Brent Faiyaz and Canadian legend Drake have linked for this blockbuster of a single, pairing classic R&B sounds with Brent’s unique approach to the genre. His vocals flutter through the Neptunes produced instrumental that soothes with heavenly keys and woozy samples, all while blasting with infectious drums and roaring 808s. Drizzy is in rap mode over this smoothness, providing an impassioned verse with his signature nods to a romance blossoming. With their unmatched chemistry, we’re manifesting more collaborations from these two superstars in the future. 

02. Sheff G - Start Some Shyt

Control your energy when this new Sheff G track comes on because it’s a rager. The Flatbush drill rapper delivers his braggadocious bars over a minimalist, but hard-hitting instrumental that has a subtle bassline and orchestral sample. It’s simple but prone to get you hyped. 

03. Shygirl - BDE ft. slowthai

Shygirl’s ‘BDE’ feels like a club-banger you’d find in a sci-fi world. The South London emcee flexes her different cadences and creative flows over a distorted, industrial instrumental that thrives with its unique sound choices and dance-floor decimating drops. Feature-wise, there was no better choice for the mission than Slowthai, who brings his oddball flavour and a scattered flow to the crushing, subwoofer-ready sonics. Chuck this one on now, and watch your room become the best party in town. 

04. Babyface Mal - Superhero ft. Nerve

Babyface Mal and Nerve soar like superheroes on this new cut but strike with the impact of villains. Creeping keys and the bellowing glides of 808s command this drill beat, as the Melbourne and Brisbane spitters switch flows like their flexing superpowers. The avengers may question ever assembling again bumping this one, as 66 Records continue to be titans in this territory. 

05. Gen Bello - Done

Gen Bello bares her soul on this new single ‘Done’. Over a lush instrumental, rich with keys and poignant sub-bass, the NYC songstress uses her powerful voice to narrate the happenings of love and the complications in a relationship. It’s her first single of 2021, and without a doubt, a big swing for a home run. 

06. Rico Nasty - Magic

Rico Nasty has been teasing this single on social media for a while now, and we’re hyped to finally have it. ‘Magic’ is a testament to Rico’s versatility, showcasing an ear-catching melodic side that contrasts the grittiness of her rap cuts. The R&B-infused vocals are backed by a dense, detailed instrumental filled with guitar strums, flute flourishes, and some warm bass. It’s clearer than ever; Rico is a spellcaster of styles. 

07. Russ Millions - Big Shark

Enter into the jaws of this absolute tune. ‘Big Shark’ swims through the waters of booming 808s and heavy guitar samples that sound as if they derived from a Slipknot song, providing the perfect backdrop for Russ’s scattered, creative flows and in-your-face energy. It’s another example as to why the Lewisham rapper is one of the best coming out of the UK scene right now. 

08. dvsn, Ty Dolla $ign - I Believed It ft. Mac Miller

dvsn and Ty Dolla $ign announcing a joint-project is a Voltron-like combination of R&B royalty, and this new single is a pure example of their chemistry. Daniel Daley and Ty flex their soulful voices through soaring melodies and triplet flows over Nineteen85’s warm, vintage samples. A verse from the late, great Mac Miller at the latter end of the track is rich with the personality and wit that has signified him as one of the modern greats.

09. Your Grandparents - Sunlight

The title of this track really describes it perfectly. Watery keys, a funk-filled bassline, and crushing drums create the feeling of the sun gleaming through the window, illuminating the room. Vocalists DaCosta and Jean Carter go back and forth with their melodies, gliding over the smoothness of the instrumental. It’s set to appear on their forthcoming debut album, due this month. 

010. Inferno - Blow ft. DSP

Inferno’s ‘BLOW’ is an explosive, high-energy trap cut. The West Sydney rapper’s deep, stern delivery and ravenous triplet flow cuts through the eerie atmosphere of pianos and 808s, going back and forth with fellow up and comer DSP in an effortless manner. Keep your eyes on more music from these two prospects in the future, and add some fire to your Friday with this new single.