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New music from Drake, Steve Lacy, FKA Twigs, Vetta Borne, and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Drake - Falling Back

Drizzy’s back baby! 9 months after the release of CLB, the Toronto legend has dropped his 7th studio album Honestly, Nevermind. The first track ‘Falling Back’ starts things off strong, finding Drake crooning in a stream of consciousness manner over airy synths, constant kicks and an overall 80s-tinged atmosphere. It’s classic Drake in the sense of his brooding sololiquies about romance, but finds its home in the sounds of spacious, somber dancehall-inspired pop.

02. Vetta Borne - Sad Girl

This new tune from Vetta Borne is an anthem dedicated to picking yourself up. The feel-good aspects of the track are conveyed through a vibrant, funk-laced instrumental that finds groove-filled basslines and summer-soaked synths dancing in unison. Vetta’s delivery is rich with swagger, as her silky melodies hit a summit of gleeful motivation in the form of an ear-catching chorus.

03. FKA Twigs - Killer

FKA Twigs explores the wilderness of falling in love on ‘Killer’. She traverses the emotional scenery, finding both pockets of beauty in the euphoria, and dangerous slopes of a romance’s possible demise. She conveys the full scope of this theme through an impassioned performance, over a large, arena-ready pop instrumental. With this track and her standout mixtape CAPRISONGS, 2022 is looking like the best time to be a Twigs fan.

04. Steve Lacy - Mercury

Steve Lacy switches things up in the best way on ‘Mercury’. Channelling the sounds of funk and bossa nova, he combines summer-soaked guitars, percussion, and horns to create a unique instrumental backdrop. He enhances it with his own strained warbles and orchestra of background vocals, making this first taste of his forthcoming album Gemini Man a single that simply gleams.

05. Flo Milli - Conceited

Flo Milli is back with another braggadocious banger. Bellowing 808s and a noisy loop courtesy of Young Fyre serve as a propeller for her energetic delivery, as she bounces off every kick with flex-heavy lines and flows ready to raise dance floors.

06. Savage The Girl - The Reason Is Fine

The Reason Is Fine’ is about trudging the paths of self-acceptance, coming to term with struggles and perspectives along the way. Savage The Girl commands this journey with her smooth voice, floating atop somber keys and fast, crashing drums. The track is a showcase of maturity, from a Melbourne prospect to watch.

07. Creed Tha Kid - Luv Galore

Creed Tha Kid’s versatility is on full-display with ‘Luv Galore’. This time, he’s going straightforward pop, allowing his emotive croons about love and lust to flourish over luscious guitar loops and drums perfectly suited for a weekend drive. It’s a taste of one of the many styles he approaches on his new EP Mixed Emotions Vol.1, which you can stream now.

08. Headie One - Cloud ft. Luciano

Headie One continues his consistency on ‘Cloud’. The UK rapper finds himself comfortably on the in-your-face drill beat, firing through off-kilter flows effortlessly. He’s joined by German rapper Luciano on this track, who contrasts Headie’s laid-back style with a fast-paced, visceral delivery. It’s a moshpit-ready anthem, that proves drill is showing no signs of its demise.

09. Club Angel - Control Dem

Sydney’s Club Angel summons the classic sounds of UK garage and jungle for his new single ‘Control Dem’. A vocal line loops throughout, backed by flour-to-the-floor kicks, smooth keys and high-octane synth stabs to create a blood-pumping atmosphere. It’s bound to get you vibing out!

010. Nauti - OWEE

Nauti’s ‘OWEE’ is a laid-back anthem that pays homage to the hustle in his city of Auckland. The production is smooth, with an expansive sample of strings comfortably sitting atop rattling hi-hats and poignant sub-bass. Nauti’s raspy delivery is Bone Thugs-esque on the hook, before turning it up when the verses hit, showcasing his knack for the raps.