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New music from B Wise x Becca Hatch, Isaiah Rashad, Berwyn, Wale, and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Don’t forget to follow our Spotify playlist too, it’s updated every Friday.

01. B Wise x Becca Hatch - B The One

B Wise and Becca Hatch’s ‘B The One’ consists of whirling synths and a scatter drum pattern that pairs the sounds of rap, pop, and alternative R&B, with both South West Sydney prospects flexing their unique talents. B Wise thrives in his wordplay, ending every bar with a melodic inflection, while Becca handles an immediately ear-catching hook designed to sing along to. Two B’s come together for a collaborative W.

02. Isaiah Rashad - Headshots (4r Da Locals)

‘Headshots’ is a return to Isaiah Rashad’s slick, signature sound of low-key, jazz-infused rap. Subtle shimmering keys, groove-rich basslines, and layered vocal melodies create a breezy ambience, with each flourish feeling like clouds for Isaiah’s feint, but fitting bars to glide on. It’s the perfect vibe for a late-night drive, that has us eagerly awaiting the new Isaiah Rashad album, which fingers crossed, will drop soon.


Trinidadian-born, UK-Based songwriter BERWYN continues the high-quality of his 2021 output with ‘To Be Loved’, It’s a sombre tune commanded by Berwyn’s sentimental voice, as he sings through vulnerabilities and happenings of adversity in romance. Dense piano chords, heavy sub-bass, and a propelling kick lurk in the background, adding to the melancholy of the track’s atmosphere. It’s an honest confessional, further proving why BERWYN is on a steady upward trajectory in the game.

04. Marzz - Love Letter

Marzz professes her feelings of intimacy on ‘Love Letter’, and turns them into a captivating, colourful 4 minutes of lusciousness. Bubby synths and keys swirl through the production, encapsulated by a low-end of thumping kicks and bass, as the Louisville singer’s fervent vocals take this soliloquy of endearment into ballad territory. It’s a highlight on her debut EP Love Letterz, which is out now.

05. Sahxl - C4

‘C4’ is a testament to the inevitability that Sahxl is going to blow up. On this track, the Western Sydney artist combines confident raps with smooth, soulful vocal flourishes, showcasing his versatility right out of the gate. Produced by Khaled Rohaim, the soft piano chords are contrasted by fast-paced trap drums and 808s, making the song a catchy introduction to Sahxl, and culminates in his hunger to grow within the rapidly rising Australian music scene. 

06. Hooligan Hefs - Send It! (Remix ft Tinie Tempah)

From Sydney to London, to Miami, to Ibiza, Hooligan Hefs and Tinie Tempah craft a remix of ‘Send It!’ ready to crush at the clubs. The beat is slightly rendered, adding harder-hitting passages, and enhancing the EDM-style drop, making it hit harder than trying to order a drink at the busy venues where this, without a doubt, will conquer. Hefs’ and Tempah mesh here like the lime and salt to Tequila, effortlessly painting the scene of a roof-raising function. It’s fast, it’s frantic, and it’s ready for the weekend nightlife.

07. Joy Crookes - Feet Don’t Fail Me Now

Joy Crookes’ ‘Feet Don’t Fail Me Now’ is an anthem about being brave, making mistakes, learning from them, written from the lens of someone who fears the tense world of today’s society. The English songwriter tells this tale through personality-rich tones of her voice, backed by a vibrant, summer-soaked soul instrumental. It’s an uplifting song that inspires you to challenge yourself and others, educate yourself, and become better even in the darkest of times, narrated sonics that undeniably shines.

08. Gabriel LCR - Gravity

Gabriel LCR’s ‘Gravity’ floats in the satisfying space between hip-hop and house music. The breezy summits of the track’s synth soundscapes are hiked by a four-to-the-floor pattern and the trudging low-end of bass, allowing plenty of room for the Melbourne rapper to narrate us through the depth of his emotions. It’s a song you can both project through your speakers at a party, or use as a device for late-night introspection.

09. Jalmar - Mijo Rico

Melbourne’s Jalmar pays homage to his Chilean heritage on ‘Mijo Rico’, pairing the lively sounds of Latin music with the hard-hitting undertones of trap. The production places the sonics of reggaeton with strumming guitars and a soaring saxophone over crushing 808s and rattling percussion, providing the perfect backdrop for Jalmar to let off fiery flurries of triplet flows and braggadocious bars. It’s a high-energy banger bound to enhance your Friday afternoon.

010. Wale - Angles ft Chris Brown

DC rap veteran Wale proves he can still conquer rap excellence from any angle, on the fittingly titled ‘Angles’. It’s another example of Wale’s romantic, poetic hip-hop serenades in the vein of ‘Lotus Flower Bomb’, as he professes his love over bouncy production from OG Parker that interpolates Diddy, Loon, and Usher’s ‘I Need a Girl’. It’s a song that is bound to bring you warmth in the cold of this looming Winter season.