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New music from Lucky Daye, Gold Fang, Chanel Loren and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Gold Fang - Make It Snow ft. Dante Knows

Gold Fang may be ice cold on ‘Make It Snow’, but the melting comes quick with this track’s fiery end results. Production from Korky Buchek mixes the head-bop-inducing percussion of dancehall with eerie, siren-like synths, creating a controlled atmosphere of pandemonium for Fang to snap over. Just as you think the hype has reached its peak, Dante Knows pops onto the pulsating bounce for the second verse, weaving his unique, autotuned flows into the undeniably catchy mix.

02. Chanel Loren - Playlist

Add Chanel Loren’s ‘Playlist’ to your playlist immediately. The production pairs UK Garage, House, and R&B influences resulting in a lush array of synths and scattered percussion. The South-East London-born, Sydney-based soars over the top, with mellifluous melodies detailing the happenings of a disconnected romance, via the metaphor of music.

03. Lucky Daye - Feels Like

Lucky Daye’s falsetto really hits on ‘Feels Like’. It contrasts the low-end funk of the bass line, and serves as the summit of the mountain of musicality that progresses throughout this earworm of a pop track. It appears on his new album Candydrip, which you can stream now.

04. Beckah Amani - Lebeka Leka

The title of Beckah Amani’s new song derives from her given name’s pronunciation in the Kirundi language, translating to ‘Rebeca, let go’. This puts the theme of the song at the forefront, as it details the Tanzanian-born, Australian-based songstress’ quest to let go of the feeling of fear that can hinder life. The results are confident and vibrant, as she sings to the summery strums of guitars, and thrives in the gleeful essence of truly moving forward.

05. Dallas Woods - Moonboot Freestyle ft. JUJO

On ‘Moonboot Freestyle’, Dallas Woods proves that there’s nothing quite like some good ass rapping. Over the 2 and a half minute duration, that’s all he does, with wordplay weaved and a confidence cadence radiating steeze. This takes place over dusty boom-bap production from JUJO, who combines samples and crashing drum lines that act as Woods’ lyrical playground.

06. Gabriel LCR - Dead Or Alive

Gabriel LCR’s ‘Dead Or Alive’ is an anthem for late-night activities. The track is encased in an orchestra or airy synths and jangly guitars, sitting atop thumping drums that feel designed for subwoofers. Vocally, Gabriel’s passages are soft and dipped in reverb, with each melody building alongside the production on a journey to euphoria.

07. BLESSED - Down Under ft. Baby Prince

On ‘Down Under’, BLESSED and Baby Prince prove that they’re the true men at work. Both come in boastfully, with swagger oozing off of every bar. Their playful, high-energy flows are complimented by a fast-moving trap-influenced beat, with every 808 bellow bringing the thunder.

08. Selasie - Survival

Selasie’s ‘Survival’ is an autobiographical tale of his adverse journey in life thus far. Throughout his confessionals, he goes into deep detail about his struggles, crooning “All I know is survival” to the tune of somber, reverberated keys. The West Sydney artist’s ability to combine open-book lyricism with passion-fueled melodies makes him a prospect to keep your eye on.

09. DJ Discretion - Higher ft. JKING, Billymaree

DJ Discretion’s ‘Higher’ is sure to be a club staple. It’s a smooth display of uptempo R&B, with the instrumental’s snappy snares, dance-inducing bounce, and atmospheric synths creating a feeling of triumph. JKING and Billymaree handle the vocals, simultaneously standing out with their respective soulful passages.

010. Lil Durk - Petty Too ft. Future

Durkio and Hendrix is a match made in heaven, and it’s evident on ‘Petty Too’. It’s exactly what you wanted and expected, as both modern rap legends flex with finesse, and bring a frenzy of bars that propels the fact that they are, in fact, some petty ass dudes. It’s slightly tongue-in-cheek, but incredibly hard-hitting, as they command the moshpit-ready trap production with the utmost ease. It appears on Lil Durk’s new album 7220, which you can stream now.