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New music from Denzel Curry, Obongjayar, Billymaree, Latto and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Latto - Sunshine feat. Lil Wayne & Childish Gambino

‘Sunshine’, as the title suggests, is a Summer-soaked banger. It finds the always energetic Latto flexing fast, melodic triplet-flows over soul-infused trap production. Lil Wayne and Childish Gambino make up an all-star guest list, with each legend matching the trappy-go-lucky vibe of this standout cut. It appears on Latto’s new album 777, which you can stream now.

02. Billymaree - My, My, My

Billymaree’s ‘My, My, My’ is another display of the Sydney singer’s R&B prowess. Her vocals cut through the guitars of the instrumental, as she details the happenings of romantic complications with the utmost confidence. It’s another addition to what is becoming an incredibly impressive discography.

03. Ashli - Only One

Rarely is a debut single as good as Ashli’s ‘Only One’. The track is one where the Sydney-based singer processes the complexities of love, translating the emotive rollercoaster of relationships via her soft, soothing voice, laid out upon an array of atmospheric synths and reverb. We truly hope this isn’t the only one we hear from this prospect in 2022.

04. A.Girl - Getting Older

A.Girl’s ‘Growing Older’ creates the feeling of driving around with your friends to the tune of real conversations. It’s an ode to maturity, conveyed via A.Girl’s versatile toggling between hard-hitting raps and smooth, R&B vocals. Like the singles that preceded it, this track is another display of this Sydney acts’ superstar potential.

05. Denzel Curry - X-Wing

Denzel Curry’s Melt My Eyez See You Future is a dense, thinker of an album, with ‘X-Wing’ bringing the introspective themes into the world of a trap banger. It’s an audio essay on success, and the complications it can bring to life. Throughout his flexes, Denzel tries to dust the dirt off outside hate and jealousy off his shoulder, while thriving in stern triplet-flows and melodies. Stream ‘X-Wing’, and Denzel Curry’s new album now.

06. Teether - Dizzy ft. Don Glori

Jazz rap baby! Lush keys and vintage-like drum breaks courtesy of Don Glori make up the production, with a bass-line adding a sense of punchiness to the mellifluous vibe. Teether floats on top like he’s emceeing a night at a wine bar, effortlessly letting off raps that match the euphoria of the instrumentation behind him.

07. Arno Faraji - On The Move

Arno Faraji is on a dance tip with this new track ‘On The Move’. Production from Young Franco and Xavier Dunn features a four-to-the-floor drum pattern and groove-filled bass lines that the Perth-based rapper uses as a reference point to create a gleeful earworm of a single. It’s house-rap, perfect for your next house party.

08. Lous & The Yakuza - Kise

Lous & The Yakuza’s ‘Kise’ treats love like a club night. It explores the ecstasy the emotion brings in the heat of the moment, expressed via booming sub-bass and a dance-ready tempo. The Belgian-Congolese artist floats in this euphoria with her smooth, rap-sung vocals, creating an undeniable banger that’s bound to hit your playlists.

09. Obongjayar - Tinko Tinko

The weather’s getting colder in Aus, but Obongjayar’s ‘Tinko Tinko’ heats things up with its vibrant sound, with pulsating kick drums and scattered percussion so prominent that you’re bound to break a sweat. It’s a serenade of complicated love, as the London-based Nigerian artist pleads with his romantic interest to not ‘play him for a fool’. ‘Tinko TInko’ is expected to appear on his upcoming debut album Some Nights I Dream of Doors, which arrives May 13th.

010. Dinje - Wish I Knew ft. Mason Dane

Dinje tapped Mason Dane for a reprise of his single ‘Wish I Knew’, and the end result is a whirlwind of pop-rap catchiness. The croons of both prospects are passionate, rich with lovestruck lyricism and propelled by bass-heavy production. It’s a sing-a-long track, with the inevitability of getting stuck in your head.