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New music from Jaecy, KVKA, Jorja Smith, Nerve and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Obongjayar - Just Cool

This is a feel-good cut from the multi-talented Obongjayar. Thanks to some scattered percussion and warm bass lines, it has an instantly vibrant atmosphere. The Nigerian artist switches between shouty commands and slick melodies as if he’s leading you into a hypnosis of dance. It’s damn fun!

02. Superego - DPOPN ft. Mali Jo$e

This new Superego track is a welcome punch in the face. The production is chaotic, with layers of noise overwhelming the mix like a flurry of fists. The drum patterns bounce like the footwork of a pro boxer, later switching stance with a body shot of sub-bass. As the beat is blasting, Superego, alongside Mali Jo$e (still on the feature run of his life), traverse the pandemonium with taunts in the form of intricate raps. Safe to say this single wins by K.O.

03. Nauti - The world is omni

Winter’s looming in Melbourne, but the weather still ain’t as cold as this new track from Aotearoa’s Nauti. The production is mellow and slow-moving, shrouding 808s with cloudy key stabs and a good dose of reverb. Nauti enters the smokey ambience like he just finished smoking, as he lets off effortlessly smooth bars with a relaxed, raspy cadence. This appears on his new project VOODOO CHILD, which you can stream now.

04. KVKA - Buck Wild ft. Rhys Rich

‘Buck Wild’ is one hell of a barrage. KVKA sounds unhinged, channelling his inner ODB and Busta Rhymes throughout gritty rap-sung stanzas. Although his energy is off the rails, his raps are on-point, penning a series of witty frenzies that are bound to propel you out of your office chair this afternoon. Rhys Rich appears on the latter end, letting off a quick-hitting verse with infinite vitality.

05. Kaycyy - ROLL THE DICE

‘Roll The Dice’ sounds like a trap song, recorded in the Tron universe. KayCyy brings forth his woozy melodies via simple yet ear-catching flow, ending every line with a passion-powered warble. Behind the boards is Gesaffelstein, who warps the world of this song with futuristic synth layers and an ethereal mood. They’re a proven dynamic duo, and we’re praying for more soon.

06. Jorja Smith - Little Things

This new Jorja Smith track achieves an impressive duality. The production is uptempo, with four-to-the-floor drum patterns and piano loops that hearken back to the golden era of UK garage. In contrast, Jorja takes her time with every croon she delivers, excelling with every note she hits, and giving this club-ready cut a unique sense of elegance.

07. Jaecy - DOIN TOO MUCH (Freestyle)

“They say I gotta’ chill, I’m doing too much” Jaecy raps to open this new track. Ironically, he does a whole lot here, showcasing the depths of his talent via small melodic flourishes and flurries of vulnerable lyricism. But while that opening line references a sense of needing to cut back, the aura of this track is Jaecy knowing how much more he can do with his music. He approaches the anthemic keys of the instrumental with triumphant energy, foreshadowing the big things he has for the game in the future.

08. Yourboymars - GO DOWN ft. Kedus

The best thing about this new Yourboymars and Kedus track is that it doesn’t overthink. The keys in the instrumental are simple but provide room for this duo to flex their singing chops. They aren’t aiming for the highest of falsetto summits, but the smooth swagger of their vocals gives the sweet serenading of this track an extra edge. It’s a testament to the songwriting abilities of both acts, as they create a song that’s both suited for love and the club.

09. Nerve - Keep It Simple Stupid

If this track is Nerve keeping it simple, slam dunk my rap dreams in the damn bin. Over head-bop inducing production that feels reminiscent of early 2000s hip-hop, Nerve just spits. Wordplay, wittiness, and energy are polymerised into an unabashed confidence that no paragraph can do justice. Just go and listen!

010. Victoria Monet - Party Girls ft. Buju Banton

Victoria Monet is switching it up on ‘Party Girls’. This song is a slower-cut, which allows the beat to build into a reverb-drenched euphoria captained by jangly guitars and airy synths. Victoria glides over the production with soulful passages, and dancehall legend Buju Banton blasts through the ecstasy with his hype-inducing vocals. It’s a song that’ll make you sway and showcases Monet’s multi-faceted talents.