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New music from 1300, Sampa The Great, Future, Chanel Loren and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!


Future’s ‘PUFFIN ON ZOOTIEZ’ feel as if it captures the loneliness found within luxury. His delivery is effortless, sounding as if he’s simply going through the motions of the superstar life, blocking out his emotions with defensive materialism. The gloomy production matches this theme, symbolising Future’s head-in–the-clouds state through wintery keys and eerie vocal samples. It’s a highlight on his new album I NEVER LIKED YOU, which you can stream now.

02. Baby Prince - Zimbabwe

Baby Prince’s ‘Zimbabwe’ encapsulates his journey, paying homage to where he was born, while taking a well-earned victory act. The first half finds the Brisbane-based rapper boasting over brass horns and trap drum patterns, before transitioning into honest reflections over a soul-laced beat switch on the second half. It’s versatile, and vehement.

03. 1300 - Umum

‘UMUM’ is a banger perfectly suited to a club-night moshpit, or a Friday night drive. The high-octane raps are fueled by 808s, which bellow to the tempo of rattling hi-hats and scattered percussion. Simple and thumping, this track is one of the many high spots on the group’s new mixtape Foreign Language.

04. Sampa The Great - Lane ft. Denzel Curry, Powers Pleasant

Sampa The Great’s ‘Lane’ is dedicated to self-expression, and living without the fear of who you are. This is exemplified in her unique delivery, as she moves through off-kilter sung-raps and passages of soulful falsetto over vibrant production courtesy of Powers Pleasant. Denzel Curry appears for a verse here, contrasting Sampa with his aggressive triplet flows. This mega collab is nothing short of fire.

05. Gabriel LCR - Far From Here

‘Far from Here’ finds Gabriel LCR detailing an experience of love and lust. He delves into this relationship via smooth, layered melodies that glide over wintery guitars, before effortlessly transitioning into a sleek rap verse. The artist continues to switch lanes, while wearing his heart on his sleeve.

06. Chanel Loren - Disappear

Spacey and melancholic, this new Chanel Loren track is a low-key ballad about the unfortunate end of a relationship. She emotes the demise of the romance through her passionate croons, set to the backdrop of atmospheric production courtesy of GVNXS. The messages in the track conclude with her disappearing from the situation, putting a bow on the sad times, setting the scene for new beginnings.

07. Blessed - LOVE YOURSELF

This new track from BLESSED is a serenade dedicated to self-care and appreciation. He pleads with the person in interest, encouraging them to treat themselves better. His enthused delivery enhances the uplifting message of the song, giving good advice in the form of an ear-catching anthem.

08. Pania - Lethim4all ft. Unamii

‘LETHIM4ALL’ is about holding onto pain from past relationships, and how it can stick with you as you head into new relationships. This takes place over a hard-hitting drill beat produced by Hamley, setting the tone for Pania’s self-awareness, and a fiery feature from Unamii. It’s a cautionary tale that’s incredibly catchy.

09. Taebz - Stars

Taebz ‘Stars’ finds the New Zealand artist drifting into space, floating in harmony alongside woo! over a distant orchestra of synths, giving this track a shoegaze-esque, otherworldly vibe. It appears on his new EP Gloss, which you can stream now.

010. Hooligan Hefs - Make Money Not Friends

Hooligan Hefs reflects on his grind for the green on ‘Make Money Not Friends’. His description of the journey takes place over production that’s rich with atmospheric keys and howling vocal samples. His stern delivery cuts through the woozy sonics, and showcases his motivated lyricism.