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New music from Jaal, PRICIE, Becca Hatch, Mura Masa and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Mura Masa - blessing me ft. Pa Salieu, Skillibeng

Stylistically, Mura Masa’s ‘blessing me’ is a far cry from his prior single ‘bbycakes’, showing the producer’s lane-switching skills. What remains consistent throughout both is catchiness, as he soundtracks the unique, scattered flows of Pa Salieu and Skillibeng with spacious synths, club-ready percussion, and subwoofer-ready 808s. ‘blessing me’, is a blessing for us.

02. Jaal - SHININ'

Jaal’s ‘SHININ’ contains all the sauce. A smooth, wintery beat spirals throughout, setting the tone for the Melbourne rapper’s laid back, effortless flows. It’s a late-night banger, filled with bright spots.

03. Becca Hatch - Without You

Becca Hatch’s ‘Without You’ is simultaneously mellow and club-ready. Her soulful vocals float atop a bed of reverberated synths, creating a euphoric atmosphere. This is all before, a giant house drop ensues, turning ecstasy into electricity. This is another display of the singer’s boundless versatility.

04. Rico Nasty - Intrusive

Rico Nasty brings ferociousness to her new song ‘Intrusive’. It’s loud and chaotic, with producers Ben10k and Danes Blood assembling an orchestra of crushing, distorted noise. Rico is unhinged over the top, with every line evolving into visceral screams. Moshpits: prepare to be intruded.

05. Sleepy Hallow - Die Young ft. 347aidan

Sleepy Hallow switches up his style on ‘Die Young’. He lets off vulnerable raps over a sample of 347aidan’s ‘MEMORIES’, commanding the sun-soaked guitars with his grimy cadence and contagious melodic chops. This new track harbingers new horizons for the Brooklyn driller.

06. Teether - Whirr

Teether’ ‘Whirr’ is a gloomy rap cut that’s bound to grow on you quickly. The beat is minimalist, with an eerie key loop and thumping 808s consistently lurking behind the Melbourne rapper’s off-kilter, baritone flows. It’s a standout track from the rapper’s new album MACHONA, which you can stream now.

07. Joony - Drifting In Tokyo

‘DRIFTING IN TOKYO’ is a dance-ready drive. DnB style drums set the tempo for retro synth pads, soundtracking everyone of Joony’s croons with a skid of smoothness. It appears on the Maryland rapper’s new album Pretty in Black, which you can stream now.

08. Southside Denny - Gotham Freestyle ft. Caleb.therapper

Southside Denny styles on ‘Gotham Freestyle’. The Melbourne rapper lets off bars in a constant flow, delivering lyrics quicker than the Batmobile. Caleb.Therapper also appears here, matching Denny’s energy over the groove-filled basslines of the production. Jokers don’t stand a chance in this equation.

09. Pricie - M.O.M (Money On Me)

PRICIE’s ‘M.O.M (Money On Me) is a bubbly anthem. Vibrant synths swirl in the background atop bellowing 808s, providing the perfect backdrop for the singer’s seamless switching between witty raps, and soul-rich warbles. It’s a sing-a-long, suited for any playlist.

010. Arz - Captain

Arz’ commands a catchy ship on ‘Captain’. Fast-moving drum patterns persist in the background, joined by somber-soaked keys and rumbling bass. The UK rapper propels alongside the rapid tempo, with every bar he punctuates achieving earworm status.