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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Don’t forget to follow our Spotify playlist too, it’s updated every Friday.

01. Kali Uchis - Fue Major ft. Partynextdoor

Kali Uchis and PARTNEXTDOOR make their song ‘fue mejor’, off her second studio album, climax and fall as you would expect a collaboration between the pair to. Contributing to an ever-evolving diaspora, Uchis serves us a predominantly Spanish-language album titled Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios), which translates to, ‘Without Fear (Of Love And Other Demons)’. Uchis, a Colombian-American artist from Virginia, also features Rico Nasty and Jhay Cortez among others. Seamlessly switching between Spanish and English around the hook on ‘fue mejor’, Uchis’ seductive tones in the music does not require you to speak Spanish to understand the sentiment she’s delivering.  — Aleyna M.

02. Hancoq - Nonsense ft Gabriel LCR

While chipping away at his own craft over the past 12 months, Melbourne rapper Hancoq is now on full display with his new EP Bloom. With an array of sounds, sentiments and moods riddled across its tracklist, ‘Nonsense’ represents the EPs qualities in its best fashion. Pulling tropes from commercial trap, a glitzy guitar line sits tightly above a gritty sub fuelled drum pattern. This lays the perfect bed for a well balanced vocal delivery, one that tackles vulnerability, growth and knowing when to say no. — Parry T.

03. Hooligan Hefs - Send It!

Fresh off becoming a finalist for our 2020 Acclaim All-Stars reward, Hooligan Hefs continues his party-centric sound with this new joint. Equipped with a hardstyle-esque instrumental and a club-ready drop, Hefs’ bars sound more hard-hitting and catchy than ever, bridging the gap between a pair of TNs and a Vodka and Red Bull. By continuing to expand his sound and finesse his songwriting, there’s no doubt that the Summer season is going to belong to ‘SEND IT!’ — Henry O.

04. Tierra Whack - Peppers and Onions

Since her debut EP Whack World was released back in 2018, Tierra Helena Whack has buoyed above the wave of good music the internet has had to offer since. Featuring on singles like ‘T.D.’ with ASAP Rocky and Tyler the Creator, the track featured on the Billboard top 100 in June 2020, formalising Whack’s artistry as both creatively diverse as it is lyrically advanced. In ‘Peppers and Onions’, she sings about finding freedom in the world in true creative-Whack form. The song is about breaking the shackles of people’s expectations of her. — Aleyna M.

05. 700 Feel - T1 Western

700 Feel are a new project worth keeping your eye on. Comprising Jonny Hawkins (who you might know as Jonny Reebok) and Juan Villamore, the two lads mould their unique stories, journeys and their experiences in Western Sydney to create a sonic palette that is as unique as it is welcoming. On T1 Western, they combine tropes from UKG with brilliant string harmonies with dubs worthy of a 3AM send. There’s an organic feel to the track that makes it an extremely inviting listen, with replayability one of its main features, a critical quality to have in today’s climate when consuming dance music. — Parry T.

06. Raj Mahal - Kappa ft Dante Knows

‘Kappa’ is a fitting title for this new Raj Mahal and Dante Knows collaboration, as they go back to back with the style of the famed tracksuit. A throwback trap beat with fluttering synths and big 808s brings it back to the 2010s Gucci Mane era, with Raj and Dante bringing a new-wave sense of grit that’s simultaneously rigorous and refreshing. This track is one of many fire joints on Raj’s new EP RAW DAWG, which is out now. — Henry O.

07. i.amsolo - Rush

i.amsolo has been honing his production skills over the last few years, working with some of the hottest artists in the country— Onefour, Nooky, B Wise just to name a few. Today, the Sydney artist has dropped a new track called ‘Rush’, it’s an entirely self-produced joint sees solo taking on vocal duties over visceral and clever production that wouldn’t feel amiss on the Drive soundtrack. It’s truly a world-class tune that not only cements solo as one of the top producers in Australia’s new school, but proves he can literally do it all solo. — Cass N.

08. Blessed - Bonnie Killed Clyde

BLESSED is back with his debut full-length project Music Is The Medicine, and as expected, it’s a diverse dose of rock, pop, R&B, and hip-hop. A standout cut is ‘Bonnie Killed Clyde,’ with guitar riffs, 808s, and rattling hi-hats resulting in a sound halfway between Trippie Redd and Blink 182. BLESSED’s vocals are subtle and smooth over the production, delivering ear-catching melodies with ease. It’s the type of sing-a-long anthem we need for the lurking Summer season. 
— Henry O.

09. Slowthai - NHS

The global hip-hop market is one currently saturated with sounds and influence from the UK. While the trending sound is one that’s infectious, gritty and its success is well deserved, there’s something special about an artist like slowthai’s honesty, growth and introspection that cuts through the rest of the noise. While his public perception is one based in larrikin, his newly announced album ‘TYRON’ is building to be a career-defining moment for the Northampton bred rapper. It’s latest single, ‘NHS’ is an ode to one of his country’s most important structural institutions. It’s a track about duality, finding the balance between growth and reflection, a theme that has defined slowthai’s appearances in the limelight over the past couple of years.  — Parry T.

010. Genesis Owusu - The Other Black Dog

Genesis Owusu is back with his latest single, ‘The Other Black Dog’, and the announcement of his forthcoming debut album Smiling With No Teethout March 5, 2021. In true Owusu style, the track pushes the boundaries of what a hip hop artist can sound like, walking the line between 80s art punk, indie rock and hip hop. Owusu says of the single: “The track explores the internal struggle between a hopeful spirit of endurance, and a gnashing black hole of ugliness. One is me, and the other is also me.” — Cass N.