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New music from Headie One, Mahalia, KYE, Blessed and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Headie One - Cry

‘Cry’ exemplifies Headie One’s versatility. Urgent, dance-ready production fills the background, with poignant drum patterns, anthemic synths, and a bassline rich with groove. Headie One over the top is simply spitting, showing off his lyrical finesse in the process. It’s a highlight on his brand new project Too Loyal for my Own Good, which you can stream now. 

02. Mahalia - Roadside ft AJ Tracey

On this new track, Mahalia takes a voyage through heartbreak, before leaving that baggage on the ‘Roadside’. The result is a fast-moving earworm doused in alacrity, as the dance-ready bounce of the production (courtesy of The Elements) sets the scene for Mahalia to melodically move on. AJ Tracey also chimes in with a swagger-heavy verse, providing the high-quality raps we’ve come to know him for.

03. deadforest - Day One

South Auckland rapper Deadforest reflects on his upbringing in this new track ‘Day One’. His introspective bars float over the top of production from Dera Meelan, who pairs bellowing 808s and grandeur-garnished strings with synth soundscapes that feel as if they belong in Twin Peaks. It’s the first single from Deadforest’s debut album Plastic, which is due for release soon. 

04. Kali Uchis - fue mejor ft. SZA

Kali Uchis returns with a reprise of her song ‘fue mejor’. The track remains as a luscious dose of Latin R&B, as Kali’s nostalgic voice articulates with the utmost soul. This new version features SZA, whose soaring vocals are presented in Spanish for the very first time. It’s a low key love song that rises high in ecstasy. 

05. Blessed - Not Sorry

TikTok was the catalyst of this new BLESSED single, as it was initially part of his ‘Sydney Lockdown’ series where he created a new song every day. It’s no surprise this one was a standout, with its hard-hitting 808s, rattling hi-hats, and guitar all propelling the incredibly catchy cadence of BLESSED’s voice. It’s scheduled to appear on his upcoming mixtape LOCKDOWN TAPES VOL.1, slated to drop on October 22nd.

06. Burna Boy - Want It All ft. Polo G

‘Want It All’ is a reflective single that finds Burna Boy taking a trip down the memory lane of adversity, hearkening back to the struggle, and celebrating the success he’s achieved today. The guitar-laced trap beat enhances the sentimentality of Burna Boy’s summer-soaked vocals, as he takes his victory lap, all while staying grounded. Polo G also pops in seamlessly, garnishing the track with his signature, ear-catching melodies.

07. Unknown T x Skillibeng - Wollan

Unknown T & Skillibeng have formed to create a track that, without a doubt, separates them from the flock. The instrumental, produced by Tefo, mixes a loud 808 that flourishes in the low end, with eerie keys and vocal samples for a maximised take on the drill formula. Vocally, this UK X Jamacia crossover has undeniable chemistry, with Unknown T’s baritone raps and Skillibeng’s high-octane flows bouncing back-and-forth as if they’ve been a duo their whole life. ‘Wollan’, is a banger that wallops. 

08. Goya Gumnbani - Valley Of Def ft. Subculture, Pearl De Luna

London-via-Brooklyn rapper Goya Gumbani relishes in the left-field jazz of ‘Valley Of Def’. Producer subculture crafts a smorgasbord of atmosphere, dishing out saturated keys, saxophone flourishes, and off-kilter drums. Pearl De Luna’s howling vocals swirl throughout the duration, bringing the track into euphoria. And at the center, is Goya, with flows reminiscent of Mos Def in Blackstar. Smooth, and satisfyingly fire.

09. KYE - Tuesday ft. Jerome Farah

‘Tuesday’ is filled with a vibrancy that mirrors the sunshine and growth of the Springtime, resulting in an R&B anthem bright in tone. It tackles the themes of waiting for love, despite foreshadowing that it may not be what it seems. The optimism in the lyrics is perfectly captured through soulful passages from KYE, and warm passages from Jerome Farah. 


Melbourne’s Ashwarya revels in the slow-build atmosphere of ‘Flare’, a track that puts her uniquely creative vision at the forefront. Somber guitar strums and reverberated soundscapes spiral throughout, providing the backdrop to her vocals that seamlessly transition from whispered howls to soaring falsettos. It’s an experimental take on pop, with a blockbuster trajectory.