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New music from Ms. Thandi, Agung Mango, Pip Millett, Voldy and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Agung Mango - foRRest ft. Mammoth.

foRRest’ paints Agung Mango between metaphorical trees, where he analyses the roots and begins to understand the process of growth. His raspy cadence serves as an ideal vehicle for this introspection, propelling the passion of his food-for-thought lyricism over luscious synth layering. MAMMOTH. also appears for a verse towards the back end, bringing his own perspective to the picturesque sonic scenery with a lowkey, but undeniably impactful rapid-fire verse. It appears on Agung Mango’s new EP MAN ON THE GO, which you can stream now

02. Ms. Thandi - Want It All

Australia’s princess of R&B and soul wears her heart on her sleeve on ‘Want It All’. Her silky, sultry vocals bring the sweetness to producer SOLLYY’s spicy, nostalgic, 80s-era production, making for the perfect lovesick antidote.

03. Melodownz - Lingo ft. Bleu & Ant Clemons

Aotearoa’s MELODOWNZ brings us a fusion of old school and new on ‘Lingo’. MELODOWNZ rhymes walk us through sentiments of his multifaceted, gemini identity, soundtracked by a contemporary melodic hip-hop production. With Ant Clemons on the chorus, and a feature verse from Alabama rapper BLEU, the song exceeds geographical bounds through the universal language of street storytelling. MELODOWNZ new album LONE WOLF is out now.

04. Pip Millett - Only Love

English singer Pip Millett creates an atmosphere both melancholy yet comforting on ‘Only Love’. Her striking vocals accompany a soft layer of drums and a gentle, repetitive guitar melody that bring you to a place of peace.

05. Solochulo - 2X ft. KokoDripp

One artist that seems to be generating a healthy buzz is Sydney’s SOLOCHULO, and with his new track ‘2x’ it’s not hard to understand why. Over production from Tmob, SOLOCHULO and KokoDripp take turns trading tough bars, hype adlibs and smooth melodies. Bringing raw energy to the track, we anticipate SOLOCHULO will soon rise up from the underground in a very real way.

06. Voldy - JOY ft. Aman

Voldy thrives in the vibrance of ‘JOY’. Smooth keys and bouncy drums pulsate throughout the track, serving as the perfect platform for the Melbourne rapper’s laid back flows. Aman’s feature assimilates to the mellow atmosphere with ease, creating an anthem dedicated to those stress-free moments.

07. Yibby - Late Nights ft. chub.e

Sydney rapper Yibby teams up with producer chub.e on Late Nights. The after-hours link up sees chub.e bring an understated 2-step groove to the table while Yib spits some slick bars about some good old nocturnal activities. It’s a cool vibe from the Sydney pairing, and we wouldn’t be mad at a few more.

08. Chiseko - BROKE MY HEART ft. Jye Jamilla

Chiseko’s ‘BROKE MY HEART’ is a rap ballad with pop tendencies. The rapper’s open-book bars burst with honesty on the verses, as he channels the pain of a decaying romance. Jye Jamillia handles the hook, bringing soul-infused, ear-catching hooks over an arena-ready assortment of horns. It’s a testament to this prospect’s film-like knack for storytelling, and his talent to turn these tales into a blockbuster.

09. Nico Ghost - Gasoline

Gasoline’ finds the Nico Ghost’s flows voyaging into oddball territory, lacing his flexes into off-kilter, woozy vocal inflections. His animated performance is enhanced by a chaotic instrumental, with bellowing 808s and an orchestra of synths. Straight out the gate, ‘Gasoline’ instantly identifies itself as both the fuel and the fire.

010. BOY $COUT GATSBY - Rolls Royce ft. Mason Dane

Rolls Royce’ is about the drive to dream big. GATSBY’s seamless switches between sleek raps and ear-catching melodies set the tone, using his lyrics to dig through the time capsule of his musical journey thus far. Mason Dane appears for the second verse, showing off his vocal range and adding to the sincere messaging of the single. It’s a banger, with a heartfelt touch.