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New music from Majid Jordan, Kobie Dee, Khalid, Sophiegrophy and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Digga D - Red Light, Green Light

The red light doesn’t last long on this new Digga D joint, because as soon as it starts, the British emcee doesn’t stop. His unique voice floats over the chaotic sub-bass of the drill-infused production, hitting full throttle from the starting line like it was a drag race. Digga is known for infectious energy, and this new single is no different.

02. Sophiegrophy - Ways

Sophiegrophy flexes her versatility on ‘Ways’. She delves into the happenings of love in her most honest bars yet, seamlessly switching between her signature raps and some ear-catching melodies. It’s a sing-a-long that showcases her duality as an artist. 

03. Young Thug - Stupid/Asking

‘Stupid/Asking’ is the perfect example of Thugger’s ATLien blood. It conforms to no genres, as the rapper is hitting high-pitched warbles over beach-ready acoustic guitars one second, before getting reflective over somber pianos the next. It’s like Jason Mraz meets Jeezy, as it pairs the ambitious drive of trap music with the laid-back bliss of acoustic pop. This doubleheader is one of many standout moments on Young Thug’s new album Punk, which you can stream now. 

04. Kobie Dee - Doobs

‘Doobs’ is a constant source of high-octane energy. 808s thump and a piano loop glisten throughout the production, providing a new platform of sound for Sydney rapper Kobie Dee to snap on. And he answers the beat’s call to the arms, flowing throughout with an undeniable swagger, and thriving in a frenzy of flex. It’s set to appear on his upcoming EP Gratitude Over Pity, out November 5th. 

05. Obongjayar - Message In a Hammer

On ‘Message in a Hammer’, Obongjyar commands the track, as synths and crashing drums revolve around him, polymerising the sounds of afrobeat, electronic, and hip-hop. This track solidifies the Nigerian-English artist as a blacksmith of boundary-pushing sounds, opening the floodgates, and separating himself from the flock. 

06. Lil Tr33zy - Sanity

‘Sanity’ marks a change in sound for Lil Tr33zy, as she leans into a luscious, R&B sound. Over smooth synths and rattling hi-hats, her croons emote both the bright and dark moments throughout love. It showcases the artistic growth of this personable prospect, as she sings of situations we can all relate to. 

07. Khalid - Present

Summer-ready pop is Khalid’s specialty, and he’s in top form on ‘Present’, Luscious guitars and a trap-influenced drum pattern serve as the backdrop to the singer’s croons of romance, mixing hit-ready sensibilities with introspective lyrics. The sun is out, and Khalid is smooth with his notes. 

08. Majid Jordan - Stars Align ft. Drake

Majid Jordan are back with their new album Wildest Dreams, and an instant standout is ‘Stars Align’. It finds the Canadian duo tapping into the sounds of the 80s, pairing retro-synths with a bounce that sounds as if it were sourced from a vintage Roland TR-808. Majid’s bubbly pop vocals soar over the top, alongside Drizzy himself, who matches the nostalgic vibe with woozy melodies. 

09. Big Words - Lipstick

‘Lipstick’ sees Big Words return in the sleekest fashions. The track aims at the fabrication that often floods social media, hiding the struggles that we all relate to over the last year. But isn’t an aggressive shot, and instead a soulful search for honest love, amplified by the soothing sound of the band’s hip-hop, indie, and R&B fusion.

010. Lil Spacely - Sun Cap

Western Sydney rapper Lil Spacely comes in hot on ‘Sun Cap’ with energy that screams “We’re back outside!” rattling hi-hats, booming 808s, and an anthemic brass loop makes up the instrumental, providing plenty of space for the West-Sydney rapper to talk his shit, and let those triplet flows rip. It’s big, banging, and bound to reverberate around the country this Summer.