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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Don’t forget to follow our Spotify playlist too, it’s updated every Friday.

01. Liyah Knight - Better Unsaid

Liyah Knight is a rising name that, even just after two singles, is elevating above the pack in the bubbling Australian neo-soul/RnB circles. She’s just released ‘Better Unsaid’ an infectious cut that channels the likes of something between Erykah Badu and Jamila Woods. The track is a lesson in warmth. It’s rhythm section is second to none, it’s bass line ripping and her gat damn that vocal is filled to the brim with soul and swag. With a sound as refined and mature as this, Liyah Knight is proving to be more than one to keep an eye out for.  — Parry T.

02. Enny - Peng Black Girls ft. Amia Brave

Londoner Enny might be the new girl at school but her raps have ensured she has a seat at the table. ‘Peng Black Girls’, her latest track off a not-so-extensive discography, not just yet anyway, sets a high bar for songs of empowerment. Inspired by the women around her, Enny extends a strong message and present voice with ease, spurting complex storylines surrounding self-acceptance under unfair beauty standards with undeniable class. Having just been signed to Jorja Smiths FAMM label, there are surely more truths to be shared by the young Enny, with ‘Peng Black Girls’ a good place to start. — Julie F.

03. Phi11a - Dirty Dancer

Scott Storch may be behind the boards with those iconic glasses, but we’re staring right into the eyes of Ph1lla’s potential on this new joint. ‘Dirty Dancer’ finds the rapper flowing over the flurrying keys and heavy 808s Storch provides; it’s butter on expensive bread level seamlessness. The crowd-raising melodies of hook has us eager to dirty dance to this one in the club, and at a show ASAP. Rest in Peace Patrick Swayze! — Henry O.

04. Vetta Borne - Beyoncé

Melbourne singer-songwriter/producer powerhouse Vetta Borne  (FKA Maribelle) hits us hard this week with ‘Beyoncé’, it’s a glittery ode to her group of lifelong friends featuring some stunning vocal work backed by squeaky-clean production, entirely self-produced in her home studio. The track comes as the first taste of her sophomore EP Emelia due for release early next year and leaves us keener than a bean for more. — Cass N.

05. Quakers - Approach With Caution

3-piece producer set, Quakers, seem to have stepped through the gateway of another dimension. Not just because of their sound, which unusually though attractively, mutates samples and genres of music usually unheard, but also because of their otherworldly personifications. There’s “Katalyst, who has evolved into Supa K, 7STU7 who has taken up intergalactic smuggling, and Fuzzface who only communicates telepathically, silently overseeing the Quakers operation from afar.” Their latest venture, ‘Approach with Caution’, a second taste off of their upcoming 30-track album II: The Next Wave, sounds like a decrepit nursery rhyme cross classic 90’s ballad, grounded by the lyricism of no-bullshit Sampa the Great. Rapping ‘We don’t really care’, the song flourishes on Sampa’s signature ‘does what she wants’ mentality, championing the quality of her voice while creating something genuinely fun to listen to. — Julie F.

06. Triple One - Sunshine

Panic Force, the new album from Triple One, is finally out in 2 weeks. To keep us afloat before we’re submerged in the deep waters of anticipation, they’ve dropped a new teaser in the form of ‘Sunshine’. The title symbolises the sound of the track, as it sunbathes in a feel-good atmosphere of sing-a-long R&B and melodic raps. Lil Dijon is on point with the heartfelt vocals on the hook, Obi brings his baritone bars with a sprinkle of melody, and Marty Bugatti flows like we didn’t already know he’s top-notch. This is Heat of the Week, and Triple One brought a freaking ball of flames to our list. — Henry O.

07. Lara Andallo - On My Mind

Sydney artist Lara Andallo drops a shiny new single called ‘On My Mind’ this week. Bringing a much needed dose of poppy r&b to the table Andallo’s smooth melodies and catchy hooks are on display here, accompanied by a slick music video featuring some A1 choreography. Fans of Tinashe should check this one out and boogie all through the weekend. — Cass N.

08. Golden Vessel - stateside

Golden Vessel’s sophomore album cult released this week and it’s one of those albums that stops the world from spinning. On cult, Golden Vessel channels a euphoria through his songwriting, one stemmed from his ability to craft soundscapes that are as somber as they are evocative.  One of the album’s highlights is deep cut ‘stateside’. Linking with frequent collaborator Akurei on the tracks top line, the duo glide seamlessly over a minimal rhythm section, calming synths and a glitzy guitar line. It’s a track jam packed with seamless harmonies, and please forgive me for saying this but it’s a total vibe.  — Parry T.

09. Nerve - Reece’s Peeces

You know, I’m all for Reece’s Pieces. Peanut butter inside, chocolate outside, it’s good stuff. But you know what’s better? Getting clocked in the face with the head kick-esque bars of Nerve. Nerve throws fast wordplay combos on this one with an essence of confidence so strong that it could blast through a heavy bag, with a straightforward yet crushing beat of bass and grit. I wouldn’t fight Israel Adesanya, but I’m definitely keeping this one on rotation. — Henry O.

010. Ceeko - Messed Up

Melbourne crooner Ceeko is providing the scene with some often missing male-led r&b. His melodies hit flawlessly on ‘Messed Up’, packed full of buttery harmonics and hard-hitting hooks. With only a few singles under his belt, his latest heartbreak anthem leaves us eagerly anticipating more from the young artist and cements him as one to watch in Melbourne’s bubbling music scene. Keep it locked! — Cass N.