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New music from Chanel Loren, Nia Archives, EAST AV3, Jaecy and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. BAD GRAMMAR - Cryptid Junk

BAD GRAMMAR’s menacing lyricism shines against a backdrop of darkness on ‘Cryptid Junk’. Distorted 808s propel an array of industrial synths, creating a chaotic atmosphere for the rapper to serve us his food-for-thought. It’s both different and hittin’.

02. Martine Kite - Pedestal

‘Pedestal’ takes a place at the top for potential song of the summer. Martine Kite’s elegant vocals travel on a bed of detuned keys, guitar plugs and atmospheric synths, with rattling percussion creating a dance-ready tempo. This Brisbane prospect is definitely one to watch.

03. Jaecy - CITY LIGHTS (Rollin' Rollin') ft. Raf Receipt

Jaecy’s ‘CITY LIGHTS (Rollin’ Rollin’)’ is a party-ready earworm, which initially found its steam on his hard-hitting MOOVIN GROOVIN mixtape. Repackaged as an official single, Jaecy’s melodic chops command a luxurious atmosphere, sitting comfortably atop the low-key bounce of the drums. Raf Receipt also appears, thriving in his unique, rap-sung swagger.

04. Trey Bond - Start Over ft. 6lack

Trey Bond reminisces on the turmoil of romance on ‘Start Over’. The Brisbane-via-NZ singer longs for a restart, showcasing his passion over a spacey instrumental with ear-catching melodies. Atlanta crooner 6LACK appears for a feature, providing his signature low-key sound to this sombre anthem.

05. Nia Archives – Baianá

The drum-and-bass patterns of ‘Baianá’ hit you with a barrage. Nia Archives garnishes the crashing with the straightforward bassline and ear-catching vocal sample, polymerising jungle rhythms in a satisfyingly unique way. This one is essential for all weekend activities.

06. lilbubblegum - Prada Bag

The Prada bag in this lilbubblegum cut symbolises the results of his hard work, and sonically he’s more motivated than ever. His deep voice commands an eerie atmosphere, delivering fiery bars over melancholic pianos and trap drum patterns. It appears on the NZ artist’s latest EP nocturnal, which you can stream now.

07. Chanel Loren - Rollin'

Chanel Loren continues to solidify her own brand of soul-infused R&B with ‘Chosen’. It’s a ballad about being stuck in her feels, oozing passion with each passage. Her voice sits atop vibrant guitar, enhancing the self-reflection with every strum.

08. Khi'leb - Weak

There’s nothing about ‘Weak’. This cut finds Khi’leb’s duality on full display, switching between autotuned croons and introspective raps seamlessly. This takes place over gliding 808s and reversed synths, signifying it as an instant standout on the Brisbane artist’s new EP Project in the Suburbs, which you can stream now.

09. Dera Meelan x deadforest - MAD1

‘MAD1’ is grime at its most gargantuan. Aotearoa producer Dera Meelan’s meteor shower of bass blasts through the speakers, with a gloomy choir sample bringing the cut into blockbuster territory. deadforest, as always, snaps on the mic, delivering a non-stop onslaught of bars to the face.

010. EAST AV3 – WTFO

Adelaide’s EAST AV3 return with ‘WTFO’, which is rich with retro-tinged synths right out the gate. the dance/rap hybrid instrumental provides all the achieved potential of the raps, which tell a tale of unknown surrounding through a series of smoothly delivered lines.