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New music from Baby Keem, Triple One, Nooky, Yebba and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Baby Keem - Range Brothers ft. Kendrick Lamar

Baby Keem’s highly anticipated debut album The Melodic Blue is available to stream now, and we’ve got to talk about this track ‘Range Brothers’. It’s odd, it’s diverse, and it’s forward-thinking, as Keem and Kendrick Lamar live up to the title; these boys have range. Each performance is a driving shot onto the green, soaring and scoring like eagles through an inventory of triplet flows. Just as you think a hole-in-one is imminent, they land in a bunker of peculiarity with a beat switch up, and K.Dot slightly off rhythm, repeating the phrase ‘top of the morning’. But this isn’t a fumble, it’s a trick shot, as a wedge of catchiness cuts through the sand, travels through the air, and lands in a hole that simply hits freaking hard.

02. Yebba - Far Away ft. A$AP Rocky

Yebba’s ‘Far Away’ is a lush, airy dose of R&B, reminiscent of a late-night jazz bar. Mark Ronson handles the production, pairing a bouncy drum pattern with a euphoric array of bass, synth, and keys. The West Memphis songstress delves into psychedelia, referencing double cups and blunts in her reality-hopping exploration. Pretty Flacko himself is also along for the journey, firing off a flurry of bars in an ode to shrooms. It’s an instant highlight of Yebba’s new album Dawn, which you can stream now. 

03. Triple One - Blood Rave

This new cut from Sydney Quartet Triple One feels destined for a Blade soundtrack with its blockbuster-ready sound. Billy Gunns taps Lucianblomkamp for assistance in the production department, orchestrating heavy synths and a fast-tempo in a way that’s ready for warehouse raves even a thousand years away. Marty and Obi are on point as well, matching the energy of the instrumental with impassioned deliveries, while Dijon commands the hook with soaring melodies that can surpass any summit.

04. Nooky - Jet ft. Jamel

Nooky is flying high on this one. No turbulence or vision-obscuring clouds is hindering his confidence, as he toggles through ambitious bars, fueled by determination and the roaring engine of the song’s 808 heavy drill beat. Jamel is also featured here, contrasting Nooky with his woozy, autotuned flows. It’s hard-hitting and soaring for success.

05. Tommy Genesis - Manifesto

Tommy Genesis has become a staple in our HOTW segments because she’s so damn consistent. ‘Manifesto’ is evidence of her hot-streak, as she thrives in her most vigorous display of energy yet. She simply snaps over the earth-shaking 808s and glitchy transitions of the production, handled by the alchemist of chaos himself Charlie Heat. It’s a high point on Tommy’s new album goldilocks x, which is out now.

06. Central Cee - Obsessed With You

I could geek out over this new Central Cee joint for hours, and it’s only 1:48 long. It’s a sweet yet melancholic take on the drill sound, based around a sample ‘Just For Me’ from 2021 standout PinkPantheress. Over the top, the London rapper excels in his typical barrage of bars but adds a new sentimental layer as he narrates his experiences with a romantic interest. It’s a testament to Central Cee’s versatility, all while opening the floodgates for drill’s experimental potential.

07. Dau Dau (Swish Music) - My One ft. Queen P

‘My One’ is an ideal anthem for the weather warming up, vibrant in its afrobeat instrumental and party-ready atmosphere. Swish Music’s Dau Dau weaves melodies and bars together effortlessly as if this swagger-heavy delivery is something he can perform in his sleep. Queen P is also poignant in her verse, approaching the beat with a confident cadence and precise lyrics. It’s a song that slides and is ready to be the soundtrack when we can go outside.

08. Teether & Kuya Neil - Addy ft. Sevy

‘Addy’ will be added to setlists once the clubs return. The heavy sub-bass of Kuya Neil’s production is destined for subwoofers and paired with the menacing synth bleeps of the track, beams with the high-octane energy of a late-night marathon. Teether and Sevy vocally diverge in the styles, with Teether’s deep delivery adding to the beat’s eeriness, and Sevy’s higher-pitch warbles enhancing the uniqueness. But they share a middle ground set on fire, emerging through the flames, equipped with a banger. 

09. Masked Wolf - Thief In The Night ft. Kevin Gates

Topping the list of 2021’s most unexpected collabs is ‘Thief in the Night’. But don’t get it twisted, this unlikely pair is hittin’. Masked Wolf is in his signature bag, coming with the fast flows and witty wordplay, before transitioning into an ear-catching sung hook. Kevin Gates appears on the second verse to simply float, thriving in his simple yet effective series of flexes, and stealing the show before curtain call. It appears on Masked Wolf’s new mixtape Astronomical, which is available now.

010. Shady Nasty - PRETTYB0YZ

‘PRETTYB0YZ’ is an experimental offering of dense punk that tackles the infinite loop of routine. It feels dystopian, as it progresses through siren-like guitars into melancholic strumming, with crashing drums commanding the controlled chaos. The stern vocals create a sense of bleakness, as the baritone melodies croon unenthused of life’s patterns. It’s slated to appear on the trio’s upcoming EP CLUBSMOKE, out October 8th.