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New music from Lil Nas X, Pa Salieu, Tems, Baker Boy and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Lil Nas X - That’s What I Want

Lil Nas X thrives in the vibrant pop of ‘That’s What I Want’, a standout from his newly released album MONTERO. Fast-paced drum patterns and summer-soaked guitar strums back his vocals, as he seamlessly switches between melodies and bars throughout the verses, before passionately soaring into a higher range on the hook. It’s big, arena-ready, and a testament to his versatility. 

02. Tems - Found ft. Brent Faiyaz

It’s very easy to get lost in the euphoria of Tems’ ‘Found’. Coruscating guitars and a groove-heavy bassline create a dreamy feel, as the Nigerian songstress’ flourishes with soulful vocals and emotional falsetto transitions. Brent Faiyaz pops up on the latter end with a fervent verse that reminds us why he’s one of R&B’s current greats. This track shines bright on Tems’ new EP If Orange Was a Place, which you should definitely check out. 

03. Tion Wayne - Rock On ft. Polo G

Edmonton and Chicago cross paths on ‘Rock On’, a mega link-up between two of rap’s 2021 MVPs. Tion comes through smooth as usual, with his baritone delivery complimenting the sliding 808s of the drill beat before Polo emerges through embers of energy and determination. It’s one of the many fire joints you can find on Tion Wayne’s new album Green With Envy, which dropped today. 

04. Reyanna Maria - Whats Ur Sign?

Melbourne songstress and Tyga-collaborator Reyanna Maria is back with ‘What’s Ur Sign?”, an airy R&B cut that questions the intentions of a love interest. Connor Musarra handles the production, weaving the sounds of bouncy synths and bellowing 808s together. On this instrumental, Reyanna floats, showcasing a sincere delivery and her ability to tell a story. 

05. Wiki - Promised ft. MIKE

Wiki’s new song ‘Promised’ feels drenched in the sheen of Summer. Navy Blue’s production is minimalist but overflowing with personality, articulated through a soulful loop and the vibrations of a shaker. Wiki gets personal here, reflecting on his flaws, travels, and discovering that home is where the heart is. New Jersey’s MIKE matches that maturity on his verse, connecting to his spirituality through his array of conscious bars. This cut is slated to appear on Wiki’s new album Half God, out October 1st. 

06. Pa Salieu - Lit

Pa Salieu is breathing fresh air into today’s crowded rap scene, and it’s evident on ‘Lit’. The instrumental is off-kilter, with thumping kicks and rattling percussion propelling large synths and vocal samples, sounding well-suited for a blockbuster action movie. Salieu over the top is fast and furious, delivering unique flows and a roaring hook. It’s a highlight from his new EP Afrikan Rebel, which is out now. 

07. Raj Mahal - Racks ft. Dante Knows

‘Racks’ is the catalyst for your speakers exploding. This track slaps, with its heavy 808s and siren-like synths courtesy of producer DOMBA. Raj and Dante Knows come visceral, delivering poignant, energy-filled verses, continuing the chemistry displayed on their 2020 standout collaboration ‘KAPPA’. It hits hard and is the harbinger of mosh pits to come. 

08. Ijale - Ghouls

IJALE’s ‘GHOULS’ delves into the feelings of anxiety and depression caused by the world being locked inside over the last year. The song captures that isolated state through its melancholic atmosphere, rich with the somber sounds of reverberated guitars, and a piercing hook borrowed from Australian band Ghoul’s song ‘Swimming Pool’. IJALE’s vulnerability throughout the song is projected through a mixture of vocal warbles and personal soliloquies, making this one of his most introspective tracks yet. 

09. Baker Boy - Butterflies

‘Butterflies’ is an adrenaline rush. It’s fast and rich with the ear-catching elements of live percussion and thumping bass for Baker Boy to style on; which he does through a catchy hook and bouncy flows. It’s set to appear on his upcoming debut album Gela, which drops on October 15th. 

010. Lucianblomkamp - Wow ft. Stevan

Lucianblomkamp’s production on ‘wow’ is a melting pot of styles that feels destined to be a smash. The distorted sub-bass and driving drum patterns are gritty and rock-esque, with an edge emphasised by the orchestra of synths that occupied the high-end. Sydney artist Stevan’s vocals on top transform this into an earworm, as he accompanies Lucian’s instrumental flurries with a mix of sung and rapped passages. It’s a frenzy of fun music, and perfect for the warmer weather approaching.