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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Don’t forget to follow our Spotify playlist too, it’s updated every Friday.

01. Raj Mahal - Glimpse ft. Danté Knows, Domba

Sydney-via-Boston’s Raj Mahal is a jack of many trades. Hard hitting trap, electronic-inspired noise rap, you name it, he does it. On his new track ‘Glimpse’, he mashes it all together to create hard-hitting sections of pandemonium. Eerie synths and crazily distorted 808s courtesy of Domba serve as the backdrop for Raj Mahal and NY artist Dantè Knows, who both bring fiery, grimey raps. It’s the first single from Mahal’s forthcoming EP RAW DAWG, which we’re eagerly awaiting. — Henry O.

02. NYNNO - Defeat

NYNNO could perhaps be described as Sade-esque in her latest release ‘Defeat’, it moves like a slow-dance with some of the same steps, but not all. What differs is NYNNO’s irrevocable youthfulness, as well as a modern electronic twist that darkens the sound slightly, also playing home to her silky vocals. The fifth instalment of a series of singles that delve into the emotionality of everyday life, the track wraps its arms around irreconcilable moments in relationships, and having to walk away even if it feels like “cold defeat”. – Julie F.

03. 3K - Ni Hao

Melbourne naughty boys 3K are back with another heater called ‘Ni Hao’. This time the guys have linked with local producer GXNXVS—who has been picking up speed on his own throwback R&B project with CVIRO lately—and the pairing is on point. Although it’s little less hyperactive than some of their previous releases, ‘Ni Hao’ is an understated bop that leaves us keen for more. Not to mention, the whole release is backed by an art style reminiscent of beloved anime The Boondocks, complete with their own Instagram face filter. 3K on the up! — Cass N.

04. Stevan - Impress You

Just a month after his debut mixtape Just Kids, Wollongong local Stevan releases his latest track ‘Impress You’. In creating a sound evolving in maturity and self-awareness, Stevan etches a new partnership with LUCIENBLOMKAMP (6lack, mallrat). Together they intertwine Stevan’s signature crooning vocals with a driving beat and atmospheric nostalgia, resulting in “my most personal song to date” according to Stevan. While overcoming social pressures and finding himself, the track shows Stevan moving on from being just a kid to someone finding their way. – Julie F.

05. East Av3 - Rosé & Sashimi

The Adelaide boys in EA$T AVE aren’t resting on the laurels of their incredibly fire EP RUGRAT$, and are striking the iron while it’s hot with this new single. The title is inspired by a dinner they had with their record label, and the song really embodies the meal in question. It’s got the clean, palette-satisfying flavour of sashimi, with the sweet, bouncy vibe of downing a glass of rosé. Stop reading this paragraph, and dig in! — Henry O.

06. Davey - NOT ME ft. Sol

A track by the name of ‘NOT ME’ materialised today, it’s an interesting collaboration between New York-via-Sydney producer Davey and Seattle rapper Sol. The pair linked in Brooklyn and cooked up with this slick, yet off-beat hip-hop track, tinged with a post-punk approach and armed with a thumping kick that urges you to move to it. This is one for fans of Injury Reserve or even Death Grips. Keen to hear more! — Cass N.