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If James Corden is to be believed, big things were planned for Rihanna’s performance at this year’s Grammy Awards. Originally he was asked to introduce Rihanna’s song, ‘Kiss it Better’, which apparently had an ’80s talk show theme attached. Corden had been fitted for an ’80s suit, planned to wear big glasses, and was excited to sit with the superstar on stage after her highly anticipated performance. So you can imagine how much more excited he was (in a nice way of course) when he got to the end of the red carpet and was told Rihanna was pulling the plugs on her performance due to doctors requests.

If it weren’t for the organisers, we could have seen a very entertaining James Corden whipping out the umbrellas and shining bright like a diamond on the stage in place of Rihanna who was feeling ‘under the weather’ at rehearsals and has since been reported to be suffering a throat condition. I guess one can only dream of what this would have looked like but something that is almost just as funny is his plan being revealed on The Late Late Show, which you can check out above. Maybe next year Corden. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer to see Rihanna perform one of her ANTI tracks live either.

  • Words: Mikaela Ortolan

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