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Acclaim's favourite new tracks from home and around the world.

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Don’t forget to follow our Spotify playlist too, it’s updated every Friday.

01. A. Girl - Luv Drunk

A.GIRL wrote ‘Luv Drunk’ when she was 17 for her future self. And now at 21, she’s articulating the song’s lyrics with perspective. It dives into the abyss that can be love, and how it can make you feel intoxicated, before a possible cold, sober turn. She reflects through soaring melodies with an impassioned delivery, using the bellowing sub-bass of the instrumental to bring these topics into an anthemic territory.

02. Young Thug -

Young Thug, alongside his Avengers-level Young Stoner Life record label, has finally dropped the highly anticipated Slime Language 2 compilation album, featuring a stacked guest list that included Travis Scott, Rowdy, Rebel, Kid Cudi, and more. An immediate highlight is ‘Solid’, which features Drake, Thugger, and Gunna forming together as a trio. But this ain’t no Short Stack, it’s big racks, as each superstar shines throughout finessed triplet-flows, flexing their undeniable success in the game. This A-list frenzy takes place over a minimalist yet hard-hitting trap beat, with melancholic, howling synths and a poignant 808 leading the instrumental dance. 

03. Chillinit - Henny & Reefer

Sydney spitter Chillinit is back with his first joint of 2021, and it’s another testament to his infectious style. He returns with his signature braggadocio, aggressive delivery and witty wordplay, pairing it all together over in-your-face drill production courtesy of Badrapper. It hits like a shot of Henny and soars like the reefer.

04. Gabriel Garzón-Montano - Agüita ft. Sampa The Great & Amber Mark

Gabriel Garzón-Montano’s new remix to his 2020 standout single ‘Agüita’ is a further display of his versatility as an artist, with a little help from two of the world’s best prospects. This reimagined cut features verses from Zambian-Australian rapper Sampa The Great and US songstress Amber Mark, both of which bring their smooth deliveries and effortless swagger in a way that blends perfectly into the horns, 808s, and Latin-trap style of the instrumental. It’s part of GGM’s new Aguita EP:1 project, which aims to show the depths of his multi-faceted artistry.

05. Mzuki - Block Party

‘Block Party’ encapsulates the feeling of getting with your friends, and celebrating to the backdrop of some good tunes. In this vibe, Mzuki is at her best, pairing bars and melodies that ooze swagger and confidence. The party-ready production of the track comes from Hamley, who pairs dance-inspiring bass tones and smooth keys that compliment the Melbourne artist’s voice perfectly. It’s a real good time. 

06. daine - Boys Wanna Txt ft. Ericdoa

Imagine an IMVU chatroom, but ran through the operating system from Ready Player One: this is what this new daine track feels like. The Filipino-Australian’s howling, autotuned vocals feel right at home in the digital, hyperpop world of producers Ryan Jacob and Dylan Brady, who pair chiptune-like bleeps, soundscapes the size of Tron Legacy, and a bellowing 808s that make Skrillex sound shoegaze. The track also features an appearance from Ericdoa, who provides melody-tinged raps that further enhance the glitchy world that daine has created.

07. Kenny Mason - Much Money ft. Freddie Gibbs

Atlanta prospect Kenny Mason has just dropped his new project Angelic Hoodrat: Supercut, showcasing his knack for pairing a plethora of sounds and styles. An immediate standout is ‘Much Money’, which is a dose of lo-fi hip-hop. SKUFL, the producer behind the track, sets the vibe with a detuned soul sample, providing a euphoric backdrop for Kenny to get off his witty bars and slurred melodies. Freddie Gibbs also drops by for a verse, staying true to his streak of killing features as of late.

08. Foura - On Tonight ft. Big Skeez

FOURA spent a majority of the second Melbourne lockdown honing in on her production skills, and it showcases through this new single, as it’s an essential sound for the city’s comeback season. With deep bass tones, euphoric synth lines, and drums that propel the tempo into a party-ready territory, the unique mixture of house, UK garage, and EDM ‘On Tonight’ possesses is more than enough to get you out of your house. The vibe is further enhanced by the woozy, autotuned melodies of Big Skeez, whose flows and cadences make him feel like your own personal hype man through the headphones.

09. Terry Presume - Did Me Wrong

Terry Presume mixes the stylings of introspective rap, the indie flavour of a Bright Eyes song, and the country tinge of his Nashville base on this new cut, for a result that’s heartfelt, moving, and incredibly unique. The ballad finds Terry’s melodies and knack for relatable bars polymerise in melancholy and the process of moving on, as lyrically he pens a farewell letter to a past love. It’s the first release of the year from this prospect, and we’re eager for more.

010. Kasai - I Don't Really Think About You No More

Kasai’s new single is one of triumph and overcoming the adversity of heartbreak. The West-London singer’s lush vocals hearken back to the days where she was down and showcases her journey through the trials and tribulations of moving on. This introspection takes place over solemn synths from producer Vegyn, who takes this track into ballad territory. It’s set to appear on her upcoming debut EP Not That Normal Pt.1, which is slated to release in May.