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New music from Rayvn Lenae, Aitch, BLESSED, August 08 and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Ethel - Andromeda

Ethel’s ‘Andromeda’ is some true R&B excellence. The beat is smooth and dusty, with a poignant bassline and vibrant keys swirling around it; all in which is punctuated by a bouncy bassline. The singer’s vocals softly howl over the top, sending this cut into a state of ecstasy. It ain’t typical, it’s transcendent.

02. Dylan Atlantis - Good Luck

Dylan Atlantis’ ‘Good Luck’ is a masterclass in lo-fi. Fuzzy, shoegaze-like guitars persist, with a drum loop smashing through the reverb like simultaneous punches. The vulnerability of the lyrics shines in their feint, yey hopeful melodies, which sink into the fuzzy atmosphere of the track. It’s a somber track, perfectly suited for the Winter weather.

03. Kofi - Bé Bé

The smooth sound of Kofi’s ‘Be Be’ is bound to get you bopping. Featuring a dancehall-influenced drum pattern and luscious synths, the Scarborough artist flows seamlessly with ear-catching melodies, setting the tone for some love in the club (shoutout to Usher). It appears on Kofi’s new album Why Not?, which you can stream now.

04. Blessed - TROUBLE ft. Maina Doe

BLESSED’s new track ‘TROUBLE’ finds him at his most introspective, analysing the relationships that persist throughout his life. This delve into his psyche takes place over sweet, jangly guitars that perfectly match his passionate croons. A passage from vocalist Maina Doe adds to the atmosphere, as her soulful warbles breeze into euphoria. This track is set to appear on BLESSED’S upcoming album AUSSIE BLACKSTAR, which drops June 3rd.


RØNIN pens a letter of disdain on ‘I JUST FKN HATE YOU KNOW’. He expresses his frustrations with a former love interest via low-key melodies, which sit just above a guitar loop and minimalist trap drums. Major ‘Cry Me A River’ vibes, morphed in with RØNIN’s unique approach to emo-tinged balladry.

06. Aitch - 1989

Aitch’s new track ‘1989’ is a banger with the drums, which is fitting, due to the track’s groove-filled sample of The Stone Roses’ ‘Fool’s Gold’. The rapper floats over the top, letting off braggadocious bars as if it were his second nature. It’s set to appear on his upcoming debut album Close To Home, dropping August 19th.

07. Headie One - 22 Carats ft. Gazo

Headie One’s ‘22 Carats’ is some real luxurious gold. The rapper raises his stock value over some somber, atmospheric keys that are juxtaposed by the in-your-face intensity of drill drum patterns. French rapper Gazo handles the hook, adding to the unique sound of this track with his eerie, baritone delivery. Headie continues to deliver, and diversify his sound.

08. Tasman Keith - IDK ft. Phil Fresh

Future superstar Tasman Keith creates a banger of blockbuster proportions in the form of ‘IDK’. The beat is stacked with synth bass, heavy 808s, rattling hi-hats and drum breaks, sounding like the soundtrack for a high budget superhero flick. Tasman and Phil Fresh are worthy protagonists over the top, delivering both high-octane rap and earworm melodies.

09. Ravyn Lenae - 3D ft. Smino

You don’t need glasses to experience Ravyn Lenae’s ‘3D’. Automatically standing out is Monte Booker’s one-of-a-kind production style, where he weaves off-kilter drum patterns and bubbly synths into the form of a sensual slow-jam. Ravyn simply flourishes atop this production, letting off raspy, whisper-like vocals that set the intimate tone of this catchy tune. You’ll also find Smino on the backend here, busting out one of his signature rap-sung performances. ‘3D’ truly pops out in the tracklist of Ravyn’s new album HYPNOS, which you can stream now.

010. August 08 - Cutlass ft. Schoolboy Q

AUGUST 08’s ‘Cutlass’ slices with style. Produced by Sounwave and Terrace Martin, the track is elevated by some wonky synths and soft guitar work. AUGUST sings about romance with a sense of swagger, commanding the bounce of the drums with contagious melodies. Schoolboy Q also appears, weaving his own soulful vocals into his laid back flow. It appears on AUGUST 08’s new album Towards The Sun, which you can stream now.