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Hvncoq’s Ultimate UK Playlist

To celebrate his new UK Garage inspired single ‘Cards’, the Melbourne rapper lists some of his essential UK anthems.

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Melbourne MC Hvncoq has returned with a big summer anthem in the form of ‘Cards’, the Hamley produced love-letter to the UK sound. To celebrate the new tune, we asked Hvncoq to put together a playlist of some of his favourite UK tunes, and he didn’t disappoint, offering up a mixed bag of garage, grime, jungle, and dancehall. Check out the playlist below and read about Hvncoq’s highlights.

‘When the Sun Comes Out’ – Kadiata & Sam Wise
This is just a bop to me. It might not be huge but in my opinion the music coming out of the UK right now pushes the boundaries of sound and production so much more than the US. 

‘You & Me’ – Disclosure
This song is one of my favourites off their album Settle, before I heard it I had no idea what garage was and didn’t like dance music at all. It was one of the only albums I had saved on my iPod while I was traveling through Ethiopia six years ago, so it’s kinda nostalgic to me in a strange way.

‘Lightning’ – Octavian
This song was my gateway into Octavian; he fuses all UK dance genres and hip-hop in one. By far my favourite artist right now. 

‘Badboy Business’ – Shy FX
C’mon! This song has the wildest range, from the sweet vocals and beautiful chords to the swung drums. As soon as you’re comfortable, Shy FX flip the whole tune and drop the maddest riddim. This is peak UK!

‘Try Me Out’ – Sunship
All I can say is, play this first thing in the morning and have a good day.

Check out Hvncoq’s new single ‘Cards’ above and follow Hvncoq here for more.

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