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Weekly updates

There has been an influx of faceless SoundCloud presences surfacing over the past year, subverting the ‘video killed the radio star’ mentality and returning focus to the music. The burgeoning trend of mystery producers has assembled a new menagerie of Jersey Club producers, including the likes of Trippy Turtle, DJ Yolo Bear, Y2KOALA and the ever-elusive DJ Hoodboi. Little is known about the masked producer who has received props from Mad Decent, BBC Radio 1 and Rinse FM. Twitter speculation has been rife, complemented by co-signs from fellow producers like Ta-ku, Djemba Djemba, DJ Sliink, Wave Racer, Stwo and Falcons. So who is the man behind the mask? He’s just your friendly neighbour Hoodboi. Duh.

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Catch DJ Hoodboi and Djemba Djemba on their Australian tour thanks to BBE

FEB 6 – Unisex, Sugar, Adelaide*
FEB 7 – Oh Hello!, Brisbane
FEB 8 – Laundry Bar, Melbourne*
FEB 14 – Chinese Laundry, Sydney*
FEB 15 – Myer Rooftop, Perth

*w Trippy Turtle

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Photography by Aseem Mangaokar