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ICYMI, our boy Kaytranada delivered with re-works of TLC and Latrelle

“Diggin On You” and “House Party” from the 0.001% mix

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Our boy just can’t do any wrong. Remember when Kaytranada dropped the 0.001%​ mixtape, a literal 90-minute fusion of sounds, mixes and fresh material, on SoundCloud? Well, slowly but surely, he’s gifting us with its highlights.

“NOT BRAND NEW FOR ME BUT BRAND NEW FOR YOU,” he tweeted before dropping his re-works of TLC’s ‘Diggin On You’ and Latrelle’s ‘House Party’. We’re ecstatic; both were definitely highlights from the mixtape. I mean, who could ever get over Kaytranada’s trademark beats behind TLC’s distorted voices? Funky AF; too good.

Check out the re-works below and prepare to hit replay. ICYMI, Kaytranada also featured in our latest print edition, ‘The Versus Issue’. It makes for some pretty good reading, but we’re not biased. For more info, head on over to the online store here. Kaytranada for days, TBH.

  • Image: Visualbass Photography

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