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ICYMI Vic Mensa has dropped this explosive freestyle

Talks Justin Timberlake, racism, imprisonment, and gentrification

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Vic Mensa doesn’t hide from any issue. He’s unapologetic about his honesty; that’s one aspect I’ve always admired about Vic. He stopped by DJ Semtex’s BBC Radio 1XTRA show recently and, against Pusha T’s ‘Numbers On the Boards’ score, delivered a killer freestyle.

Vic doesn’t hold back, touching on racism and cultural gentrification. “We in the middle of a wartime,” he begins. “I ain’t spitting no empty punchlines / Nestle with the bars when it’s Crunch time / A chocolate skin get you locked in the bin / Some turn looney, victim to a Giuliani serving that Rudy Tabootie / That’s the Chalkzone, Keith Haring outlines in the school zone.”

He also touches on the recent Justin Timberlake saga, in which Mensa claims Timberlake is a prime example of cultural appropriation. Mensa recently accused Timberlake of “turning a blind eye from black culture when it’s dangerous for him.” “For the record,” he says in the freestyle. “I ain’t got no problem with Justin Timberlake / That’s the media spin, don’t believe the shit they say / All I’m saying is you got niggas that love you / So show that love back, ’cause we’re here in the struggle.”

Vic Mensa has been a busy activist as of late, having just dropped ‘Free Love’, feat. Le1f, Halsey, Lil B & Malik Yusef, in response to the Orlando shooting and a call for LGBTQI advocacy. Pretty powerful stuff. Take a listen to the freestyle and ‘Free Love’ in the gallery above.

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