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Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian have a lot in common: they are both uber-famous for doing nothing, their pets have made more headlines than most celebrities and they also both starred in celebrity sex tapes. After news broke that an Iggy Azalea sex video exists, the pop-rapper has been doing everything in her power to prevent what will probably be the most viewed video of all time from being released. First she insisted that no such video existed, then her aides told told TMZ that “the ‘Fancy’ hit maker never consented to the video being shot, suggesting she may have been underage at the time.” Now she’s threatening to sue Vivid (a porn company) if they promote the alleged sex tape using the name Iggy, which is trademarked in the U.S. I wonder what Iggy Pop (the original Iggy) has to say about all this?

While you can’t blame a person for wanting their privacy, perhaps she could use the earnings from the video to set up an organisation that protects women from these sorts of nude leaks? Now that would be one way of showing that she’s fancier than other victims of sex tape leakage.

James Ruklis 

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