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Jaden Smith‘s twitter career has had a beautiful, definitive arc. His words of wisdom have transformed fashion, ideologies and comics. Now, he’s taking his non sequitur insights back into the music game (remember The Coolest? Wish you didn’t?) and delivering unto us the kind of envelope pushing jams we’ve been demanding from him for years.

Seriously though, Jaden’s new seven minute song dropped a day ago and, despite being as inane as his tweets lyrically speaking, it’s actually not a bad listen. With airy keys in the intro, a distinct thump and competent variation, it definitely warrants a second or third listen. He’s clearly been listening to a lot of Childish Gambino and Milo and, yeah, it verges on straight up biting but again, completely worth your time. Granted, he probably has access to way more producers and equipment than most kids in the field but at least it’s less divisive than other musical outputs in the Smith family corral.

Li’l Smith’s been working on a new release and dropped the track since, for some undisclosed reason, he can’t put it on the album. Based on his recent Twitter chatter, I’m predicting the whole thing to be a little bit of a #SadBoys derivative. I know that sounds weird, drawn out and really stupid, but it just might be brilliant. Just remember, how can mirrors be real if our eyes aren’t real?

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