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Jaël’s Guide to the Dutch Music Scene

Soulection’s newest member gives us a guided tour of the Netherlands’ best DJs and producers.

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Soulection’s newest member Giovanni Jano AKA Jaël, is a 25-year-old Moluccan producer, DJ, and vocalist from The Hague, the Netherlands. His passion for music began from a young age—he grew up in a household surrounded by Moluccan folk songs, soul, and Japanese funk. Jaël has fused these sounds with a variety of other inspirations to find a sound of his own that moves from soulful R&B to heavy bass. We caught up with Jaël while he was in the midst of his first Australian tour to get his personal guide to the Dutch music scene.

For more from Jael, follow him here and if you’re in Sydney or Perth you can catch him live at:
Chinese Laundry, Sydney, Friday Nov 29
Si Paradiso, Perth, Sunday Dec 1

01. FS Green

He’s one of my very first inspirations from when I was just starting to make beats! He still surprises me with his amazing sounds and creativity. I’m blessed to call him my friend. Lots of people don’t know that this man is also Midas Hutch. His rich taste and skills are a killer combo—when he deejays, he comes up with the freshest tracks, remixes, and edits!

02. Jarreau Vandal

Back in 2014 I found out about Mr. Vandal. I saw him play at this event called Wave Files in Amsterdam and I was loving his set! I found out he was making music too, so I kept my eye on him. A few months later we got in touch and he shared some unreleased stuff my way to play at shows. I still remember playing one of his edits and I just grabbed the mic during my set and started to sing. All of a sudden, he was standing next to me in the booth and I was shocked! He was filming me and I was happy he was there to see what I did to his edit! From there, we started to connect even more and became good friends. He’s one of the realest musicians I’ve ever met. His sound is so fresh and super authentic. He and I share a lot of similar taste in music and I’m very proud of him!

03. Full Crate

This man is an absolute LEGEND. I have been bumping his shit since back in ’07. His music has been a great inspiration to me and still is! I respect my bro for his unique beats and [the] songs he has made since then and until now. I have never thought that from asking a picture when I was 17 years old, we would become good friends to this day. Team GRAPOE!

04. Rob Manga

My uncle, Rob Manga, was the first one to ever introduce me to the world of deejaying. He never taught me how to play, but I learned a lot from him, just by watching him deejay. I always saw him play at our family parties and weddings etc, [and] it made me think like, “Yooo, I wanna be a deejay like uncle Robbie!” Back in the day, Rob Manga, VJ Supreme Cuisine, and MC Tjek teamed up and created their own event in Paradiso, Amsterdam called Legends. My family, friends, and I visited this event a lot and it was the best soul, funk, R&B and hip-hop event that was going on in Amsterdam Watching him play there inspired me very much and I’m a bit sad that this event is not going on anymore. Anyway, I’m super proud of my uncle!

05. DJ Abstract

Personally, [I think he’s] truly one of the best deejays in the world! The whole world needs to know about his crazy skills on the decks! Since I was a youngin’, I saw him play at festivals. The ones I snuck into while I was underaged lol! He would play alongside my Dutch favourites such as The Flexican, FS Green, Full Crate and more. I was fascinated by all of their styles and originality. Abstract won the Red Bull 3Style Battle in Amsterdam, please check that shit out on the link, you’ll be blown away by this man’s talent. I still remember the first time I played a warm-up set for him, it was at a local club in Groningen, Netherlands and I was super nervous! After my set I said, “Hey bro, I love what you do, big fan!” And he replied with, “Thanks bro! Good set!” From that moment I worked hard, and now we’re touring together. I ask myself, “What is life?” We just played an amazing show at club SOAP in Seoul, South Korea alongside FS Green, it was an Amsterdam takeover for the books.