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The recently launched music streaming service Tidal was advertised by Jay-Z and all his friends as the biggest revolution in the game. Unfortunately for Jay, it looks like the public isn’t as interested in it as he is.

Tidal’s iPhone app has dropped into the depths of the app store, falling out of the top 700 downloaded apps. While older competitors Pandora radio and Spotify have seen a surge in popularity, reaching 7th and 17th on the US iTunes chart respectively.

Kanye West has also made moves to distance himself from Tidal by deleting all tweets that mentioned the service and changing his profile image from the Tidal logo to an image from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Tidal was launched last month with a lot of coverage thanks to Beyonce, Madonna, Daft Punk, Jack White and Alicia Keys helping Jay-Z announce the service. The launch was also accompanied by an uncomfortable advertising campaign which used uncomfortably grandiose hyperbole including the slogan #tidalforall.


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