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Jelani Blackman and Big Zuu’s Guide to the London Music Scene

After a big link-up on their new track 'P2P', two of London's most serious spitters offer their picks from the local scene.

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UK rappers Jelani Blackman and Big Zuu are two of the most distinctive voices in the UK rap scene right now. Recently joining forces for their banger ‘P2P’, the West Londoners have also delivered an extremely creative self-isolation music video for the track featuring cameos from a who’s who of the London scene including AJ Tracey, JME, MC Grindah, Fred Again, Poet, Logan Sama and too many more to mention.

To celebrate the release of ‘P2P’, we linked up with the two artists to get the hot tip on their picks from the ever-evolving London rap scene.

Follow Jelani Blackman here, Big Zuu here, and check out the list below.

01. Crafty 893

His sound is so well polished for someone who still has a long way to go in the scene. Produced big records for me and also made the theme tune for my programme. Bright future ahead of him, due to be a big name in the UK. — Big Zuu

02. Kojey Radical

My g. Consistently doing the most interesting things with rap and making real music at the same time. Starting to make moves in the US. Listen to Cashmere Tears. — Jelani Blackman

03. Micofcourse

My lightskin brother, definitely one of the most lyrical up and coming MC in the game, batch of different skills he’s marinating in and an overall good vibes kind of guy, energy is everything in the music business and this guy had a charisma that will take him far. We just need MORE MUSIC and I got a verse for him when he’s ready. — Big Zuu

04. Lzee

The new generation of London rappers. He’s got an original style like a mix of drill and old school rap. Listen to Elementary. — Jelani Blackman

05. SBK

Constant work and consistent shellings. From when he was 14 we knew he was a top barer and now with some big features under his belt, new productions for your headtop and even a clothing line, SBK will be a young king of Grime. — Big Zuu

06. Ambush

He’s cold, every time he jumps on a track you know it’s him and he goes in every time. Bars are smart and the flows are mad. Listen to Jumpy. — Jelani Blackman