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Weekly updates

Okay, so this is getting complicated now. Before we take a look at Twitter’s reaction to Drake’s latest round of rap beef (courtesy of Joe Budden), let me fill you guys in on the situation. Budden initially commented that Drake’s Views tune ‘6 God’ sounded “uninspired”.  He then continued, “I miss the Drake that starts the waves, not hops on other waves. And I’ll say it again: I miss the Drake that pushes the fuckin’ agenda, not lets the agenda push him.”

French Montana then released a video on Instagram of Drake saying, “Pump, pump it up” – an obvious stab at Budden’s single ‘Pump It Up’.

Budden then released ‘Making A Murderer Pt.1’, suggesting that Drake has been influenced by his own tunes and style, and ‘Wake’, implying that Drake takes ideas without giving back. Following this, Drake broke his silence with his first attack, via a guest verse on old mate Montana’s single, ‘No Shopping’. Within a matter of minutes, though, Budden dropped ‘Afraid’.  Long story short, these boys are going all in. Savage.

Now that may be a lot to take in, so I thought I’d share some of the best Twitter comments on the scenario. Thank you, internet. Also, check out all the above-mentioned tunes in the gallery above, in order of their release. Feast in all their anger.

01. "This is different"

Some couldn’t help but think that this feud was different from the rest, primarily due to their respect for one another.

02. Watch the throne, boys.

While others reminded the world about who the superior figure really is.

03. Stay in your lane.

Meanwhile, some Twitter users thought that Budden might be a bit out of his league on this one.


04. All we need is a little attention, right?

Is Budden just wanting the notoriety of the feud?

05. I'll just leave this one here. Thank God for the internet.

06. Perspective

07. Is Budden's plan working?

Maybe this is all part of an elaborate scheme that will inevitably give Budden more exposure. Either way, it’s kind of working.

08. Give it a rest, Budden.

Three songs is a bit excessive. Who’d have enough energy to drop three tunes about Drake?

09. The boxing gloves are back on. Are we ready for the next round?

Well, apparently three isn’t enough, according to Budden himself.

010. Do we even care?

But at the end of the day, does this really interest us?