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Chicken and waffles done right is a combo that can’t be topped. If you get that chicken just crispy and peppery enough and drizzle some yoghurt sauce or honey mustard over the lot, there’s absolutely nothing else like it. Or so I thought until Joey Bada$$ blew my mind with the suggestion of curry chicken and waffles. Now, I’m thinking my entire life might be a lie.

John Seymour, the man behind the wildly popular Pop’s burger joint in Williamsburg as well as soul food specialists Sweetchick in NYC, was hanging with Joey for First We Feast when the bad man proposed an amendment on the winning formula of textured pancakes and poultry- throw some curry chicken in there. The result is something that, judging by the look on Joey’s mum’s face when she’s eating it, is totally irresistible. Joey even finishes up the meal by performing Curry Chicken from B4.DA.$$ to the entire restaurant. Ace.

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