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Five Essential Joji Tracks

From ‘Plastic Taste’ to ‘Pretty Boy’, plus more standouts from the brand-new album ‘Nectar’.

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Joji burst onto the world’s radar when, through a now-retired YouTube channel, he created the Harlem Shake. The ultra-viral dance that spawned Billboard number one of the same name—that was Joji, by another name. The Japanese-Australian had long dreamed of being a musician, and as an internet-savvy twenty-something, he saw YouTube as a clever path into the industry. After accruing millions of fans around the world with an inventive roster of absurdist comedy characters, Joji decided to dedicate himself completely to the music he’d always dreamed of making. He retired from YouTube and bet big on his most personal, more sincere project. 

Three years and one LP later, it’s safe to say he made the right call. He’s racked up more than five billion global streams, made a TV debut on Kimmel, earned an RIAA Platinum Plaque, and collaborated with heavyweights like Diplo and Chief Keef. With his sophomore studio album Nectar out now, we look back at our favourite Joji tracks, new and old.

Check out the list below and stream Joji’s new album Nectar here.

01. Plastic Taste

Early Soundcloud cut ‘Plastic Taste’ a longtime fan favourite, and it’s easy to hear why. It’s the ultimate showcase of the intimate, lo-fi sound that defined Joji’s early career. A year on from its initial release, Joji did fans a favour by including the song on the deluxe edition of In Tongues.

02. Slow Dancing in The Dark

It’s a hit for a reason. Joji’s highest-charting single to date, ‘Slow Dancing in the Dark’ feature production from Chairlift’s Patrick Wimberly along with Joji himself. The BALLADS 1 single was buoyed by a brilliant cinematic video, and the TikTok microwave challenge. Ding!

03. Thom

Technically, this is Joji’s first ever A-List sorta-collaboration (well before he appeared on tracks with Chief Keef, Lil Yachty, BENEE, and BlocBoy JB). Why? It’s Ariana Grande’s voice that appears through the chorus. ‘Thom’ was one of the first Joji tracks to hit the internet under the moniker he now goes by, and initially, he wasn’t too thrilled when fans of his YouTube comedy uncovered ‘Thom’ and ‘You Suck Charlie’. Now he’s probably pretty happy this self-produced tracks were unearthed and warmly received. 

04. Run

This 2020 single showed that Joji wasn’t just a master of cosy, lo-fi bedroom beats, he could create soaring, expansive pop too. Produced by Joji and Justin Parker (of Rihanna’s ‘Stay’) these lyrics reflect on a love that turned cold. With a guitar solo closing out ‘Run’, there are echoes of Joji’s old Ukulele-driven ballads, with the melodrama turned up a few notches.

05. Pretty Boy ft. Lil Yachty

Nectar gives us one of Joji’s best collaborations with a rapper to date. ‘Pretty Boy’ has that signature crying-but-it-feels-pretty-good vibe that made Joji’s early work so endearing, and still makes you want to roll all of your windows down on the freeway.