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K-Trap on His Latest Project “The Last Whip II”

An artist known throughout the UK for hard hitting drill anthems, K-Trap discusses his ambitions, legacy and his latest mixtape.

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Since his explosive arrival on the UK rap scene in 2017, K-Trap has been a star in the making. His dedication, constancy and talent have taken him to many great heights while building a steadily growing fanbase that appeals to both older and younger rap listeners. The last two years have been particularly special for K-Trap and have propelled him further in his career. In 2020, he released his ground-breaking mixtape ‘Trapo’ which is considered one of the most important drill projects of the decade; the lead single of the project ‘Warm’ is described as impactful as Giggs’ ‘Talkin the Hardest’ for its virality and inescapability among Generation Z Londoners. Following the success of ‘Trapo’, K-Trap and Blade Brown dropped their long-awaited collaborative project Joints and a sold-out partnership with clothing brand Trapstar London, their project debuted on the Top 20 UK charts. These moves have perfectly set up the South London rapper for his highly anticipated mixtape The Last Whip II (the sequel to drill classic The Last Whip). 

While meticulously signing the sleeves of  The Last Whip II in the comfort of his studio with his manager and putting the finishing touches of his rollout together, we caught up with K-Trap for an exclusive interview to discuss his latest mixtape and journey leading up to its release.  

How did you decide this was the right time to drop The Last Whip II?
The times I made both projects are quite similar for me, I feel like I’m in the same bag I was when I dropped the first one, so it is only right to drop The Last Whip II now. [The mixtape] shows growth too and how much I have improved as an artist. Now, I think about marketing, production and touring; when I dropped The Last Whip I was barely an artist; dropping the second one now shows how far I have come. 

What is your favourite song on the project?
I feel like every song gives me a different vibe, so I don’t have a favourite song and that is why I am so happy with the project. I can play the tape to anyone; all 19 tracks and I don’t have any doubts.

You mentioned touring before; will this be your first official one?
I have toured twice before, but this upcoming tour feels like a proper tour. My first tour was difficult because of trouble with the police and shows getting cancelled because of it. During my second tour, there were issues with my booking agent too, so this upcoming tour feels official and really put together. 

You mentioned the police shutting down shows and the general difficulties you face as an artist. So, what would you say are the biggest challenges you face in your career?
Just understanding the industry and having patience as an artist. I think where I come from teaches me to react in a certain way, but I can’t use those reactions in this field, so I had to learn to be patient. I think not soaking in what I see on social media and separating myself from it can be difficult too. I also feel like giving more of myself to my fans can be very challenging too, like when I’m making content pieces that aren’t related to my music. 

How do you navigate being a reserved person and a famous rapper?
Anyone that knows me understands how I work. I am reserved but when I’m in work mode, I have to be a bit more open. I make music for the love of it and even though I’m reserved, certain things that might come with it like girls, jewellery or the highlife are not on the top of my list, so I can still be myself.

Alongside music, you have gone viral for how you were dressed at the GRM Daily Awards and have done a few fashion collaborations. Do you see yourself in the fashion world too?
That is definitely a field I am going to play a part in, fashion has always been a bit of me. As I get bigger and time goes by I will be looking into it a lot more.

These past two years have been significant for you, especially with songs like ‘Warm’ and ‘Xtra Time’ being at the forefront of so many parties and music discussions in the UK, as well as being all over TikTok. How does it feel to see your music take off in that way?
It is so sick to see people’s reactions when these songs play and them making TikToks. The songs are hard, and it is good to see everyone just get gassed. As much as ‘Warm’ is a hardcore drill song and influential, it is not influencing anyone to act in a certain way either; people just like ‘Warm’ and ‘Xtra Time’ because they are hard songs.

What are your goals now that the mixtape is out there?
I am just working towards getting into a more financially free position. Music is fun but until you get to a certain stage it will always be a job because it pays you. I feel like I just want to tick off a lot of boxes. I also have big plans for the label I launched a while ago but those things will come organically.

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