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Kendrick Lamar cleans up at the Grammys

See all the winners from the 2016 Grammy Awards

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The pop music world’s most anticipated awards show has just wrapped up and, well, it appears the expectant winners all won. Which is a good thing if you are Kendrick Lamar, who won Best Rap Album for his record To Pimp a Butterfly. He also won Best Rap Performance for ‘Alright’ and shared a victory with Taylor Swift for best music video on ‘Bad Blood’. It brings his Grammy total to seven in two years, which is a pretty remarkable achievement. He also put on yet another emotionally charged performance of TPAB tracks, which surely had people either squirming or jumping out of their seats.

Unsurprisingly (and maybe unluckily, for Kanye) Taylor Swift won album of the year for 1989.

Other winners on the night and the rest of Kendrick’s awards are as follows above.

For a full list of winners you can go here.



  • Words: Jack Cain

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