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We’re always keen for new Kendrick anything but the hype is really starting to build for his Australian visit early next year, especially with the fresh release of this new video, for the single ‘These Walls’. Like most of his music videos, K.Dot goes the cinematic route again, enlisting Colin Tilley & The Little Homies on direction, and nabbing cameos from his fellow TDE members, as well as performances by the hilarious Terry Crews and comedian Corey Holcomb.

The video mostly plays out like a ‘traditional’ rap video, with a wild house party taking centre stage, but the story around what happens between ‘These Walls’ is what really elevates this 8-minute clip. Kendrick holds his own next to his co-stars and proves he’s got some moves too—bringing down walls while getting twerked on, and hitting the Quan with Crews. Watch out Drake.

Check out the video in the gallery above.

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