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Kiana Valenciano’s Guide to the Philippines Music Scene

The Manila-born R&B singer gives us the rundown on her favourite local music.

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Kiana Valenciano is a neo-soul and R&B singer-songwriter from Manila. Since her arrival to the scene in 2017, she’s had international radio support, millions of streams, and built a devoted following around the world. To celebrate the release of her latest single, ‘No Rush’, featuring Melbourne artist and producer Billy Davis, we linked with Kiana to hear about her selection of artists from the Phillipines you need to have on your radar.

01. Jess Connelly

Jess seems to know exactly what she wants and she has never been afraid to go get it. In my opinion, she played a huge role in shifting the direction of the local Philippines music scene.

02. Jason Dhakal

Jason’s vocals are so smooth—it’s hypnotic. On top of that, he’s a lyrical God and is just getting started.

03. August Wahh & Crwn

August & Crwn are the perfect match. The fact that she can turn negative experiences into songs that get a whole room dancing is beyond me. So talented.

04. James Reid

James is a creative through and through. He has successfully reinvented himself, each time perfectly translating his current state into his music.

05. Curtismith, Jetter, KingWAW

I don’t even know how to start on these guys. I’m a huge fan of each of them and love working with them. Curtismith is featured on two of my songs, ‘Does She Know’ and ‘Keep It Secret’, and KingWAW is on my track ‘Faded Love’ and I’m on his song, ‘Personal’. So talented.

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