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Rap power couple Killer Mike and El-P are releasing their second album Run the Jewels 2 on October 28, and one fan could not be more excited about one of the special packages on offer. In amongst the general Run The Jewels pre-order options comes the ‘Meow the Jewels Package’ valued at $40,000, in which the rap duo will “re-record RTJ2 using nothing but cat sounds for music.”

Really wanting to make this a reality, fan Sylvester Jones, with El-P’s approval, has started a Kickstarter campaign to try and raise the $45,100 (including Kickstarter fees, and so on). Jones clarifies that the new album will not be cats meowing over the tracks but a whole new album with Killer Mike and El-P’s verses over recreated beats “created using cat sounds.”

Any profits that come from Meow The Jewels will all be donated to charities. El-P has specifically chosen those affected by police brutality with his cut of the money, should this get off the ground. This could either be awesome, hilarious, a total first in the rap game or all of the above. To get involved, head to the Meow the Jewels Kickstarter page to donate or read a little bit more.