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Weekly updates

Holy shit. This is easily one of the best ideas anyone’s ever come up with, and I’m pretty bummed it wasn’t me. Then again, how can you stay down when there’s a picture of kitties dressed up as The Ramones on your screen? Or my personal favourite, the feline version of N.W.A’s Straight Outta Compton cover, because there’s nothing I love more than gangster cats.

In an interview with Humor In America, the genius founder of Kitten Covers Alfra Martini explained his thought process:

“I was just thinking David Bowie as a kitten… I must see David Bowie as a kitten. Could I do it? Did I have the photoshopping skills? I abandoned my ‘work task’, crawled out of bed, and started up the desktop.”

What a man. Check some of his images out in the gallery above, or if you’re willing to say goodbye to several hours, head to the Kitten Covers tumblr right meow.