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Lessons learned from Erykah Badu’s Reddit AMA

"Badu is in the building, peace and light fam."

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Fresh off the back of her highly entertaining Twitter Q&A, Erykah Badu has taken to answering fan questions again. This time through Reddit, under one of her “many aliases” manuelamariamexico, where the questions are often more comprehensive, intrusive, or just downright trolling. It’s the perfect platform for Badu, in any case, as the questions she chooses to answer are a mix of industry inside info and serious life advice, delivered with that trademark don’t-give-a-fuck Badu attitude. Getting any sort of response from the singer will probably make your life, so I feel for the hundreds of comments that were left wanting. Although I can’t help but feel like a lot of the submissions would fall under the many categories of Badu’s voicemail, as highlighted at the end of ‘Cell U Lar’. Check out our favourites in the gallery above and read through the full thread here.

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