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Weekly updates

The Based God‘s 2014 bid for world domination continues with the release of his latest mixtape Basedworld Paradise, which he’s pared back to a relatively brief 31 tracks. (Do you know how much restraint it takes for Lil B to release only 31 tracks?)

Because I have a job to do I don’t have time to listen to the mixtape in its entirety but even without doing so I can say that the absolute bangers are ‘Based God Is Perfect’, ‘Hip-Hop 101’, ‘Stab You When Dead’, ‘Listen To God Speak’, and ‘Im Tupac’.

Lil’ B is Tupac “Because [he’s] as real as it gets.” ‘Im Tupac’ is released with a video where Based God spits gospel between leisurely instrumental interlubes while wearing what seems to be a kimono made out of K-Mart curtain fabric. Face your mecca of choice and listen to the mixtape in it’s entirety, below.

Based Rob

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